Crazy Leveling System Chapter 186

Chapter 186 Try To Not Know

Chapter 186 Try to Not Know

The spectators didnt pay much attention to anyone else except the three of them. Now that He Qianhan has joined the fray. Yi Tianyun kept an eye on her while he was still meditating.

She is quite skilled, but I wonder who she is. Maybe she is a Divine Rune Master specifically trained by Hua Family? one of the spectators said.

No, she wasnt trained by Hua Family! She was invited here by Hua Family, she is from the Heavens Top Mansion. Another spectator said to clarify her information.

Heavens Top Mansion? Yi Tianyun was surprised as he overheard the spectator talked among themselves. He never expected to encounter them this fast.

He Qianhans hand was beginning to shake as she gradually lost her control over the rune. Everyone watching realized that she was about to fail this one. Wang Family Head smiled when he saw He Qianhans mistake as he couldnt afford to let else steal Lin Lis spotlight.

Is this how its gonna end! He Qianhan said as she was biting her lips from frustration.

Calm down, you have to watch the inner line of the rune, as it is the key to overlay the fire attribute effect! Yi Tianyun said, surprising He Qianhan.

She looked over her Divine Rune one more time, and now, she finally recognized where she needed to draw and she finally stopped trembling and proceeded to finish her Divine Rune.

I am done! He Qianhan shouted merrily.

Hua Family Head couldnt help but give her a standing ovation, they were satisfied by He Qianhans result.

Li Tianlong himself walked toward He Qianhan and was satisfied as he observed the Divine Rune that He Qianhan drew, This is an improved Fire Attribute Divine Rune, the effect is very good for weapons! I will give you 25 points for this Divine Rune, as it is equal to low-level 4th Grade Divine Rune, and the extra 5 points for the fire attribute! Li Tianlong said while smiling excitedly.

Thank you very much, Pavilion Lord Li! He Qianhan said with respect. And she turned around to face Yi Tianyun and thanked him too.

Its okay. Besides, its all because of your good foundations, I have nothing to do with it. Yi Tianyun said politely.

He Qianhan was grateful to meet Yi Tianyun. She felt that Yi Tianyun was not your average teenage genius. There was more to him, she thought.

Look at Lin Lis Divine Rune! Wang Family Head Said as he pointed to Lin Lis Direction.

Zhu Tianhong, who was confident over Yi Tianyuns skill, was suddenly nervous as he saw Lin Lis Divine Rune. His Divine Rune was already formed to some extent, and it was a mid-level 4th Grade Divine Rune!

It was not a usual Divine Rune too, the Divine Rune Lin Li was making has already been improved, so the point will worth higher than 40! If Yi Tianyun couldnt come up with something, he wont be able to catch up with these points.

The spectators were all amazed by Lin Lis display of skill. They quickly forgot about He Qianhans Divine Rune, as Lin Li showed more amazing performance than she was. On the contrary, Yi Tianyun hasnt even started to draw his Divine Rune yet.

As he felt pressured from all the stare and glare that has been directed to him, he finally stood up from his meditation position and started to draw his Divine Rune, but as to make it more insulting, he began to draw a 1st Grade Divine Rune! Again.

How could he compete against a 4th Grade Divine Rune with a 1st Grade Divine Rune in this stage? Is it gonna be a more complicated Divine Rune than before? To reach an equal ground against a 4th Grade Divine Rune, Yi Tianyun needed to draw a five-layered 1st Grade Divine Rune, or it wont be enough to catch up with Lin Lis Score.

The spectator thought that Yi Tianyun was really dumb to keep drawing a 1st Grade Divine Rune this late in the tournament.

They thought that Yi Tianyun was such a waste of potential.

Still drawing a 1st Grade Divine Rune I see! Now I really am convinced that you are not a Divine Rune Master as all you ever draw was a 1st Grade Divine Rune! Lin Li said while watching Yi Tianyun pitifully.

Just you wait and see! Yi Tianyun said while smiling at Lin Li.

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