Crazy Leveling System Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Coercing

Chapter 196 Coercing

After saying his goodbyes, Yi Tianyun quickly returned to the bamboo forest, where he told Ren Zhirou to wait earlier. When he arrived at the small pond, he was a little bit surprised to find 2 unconscious muscular men by the pond. He immediately asked Ren Zhirou for what was going on here.

She just shrugged her shoulder and said that she only defended herself, as the man tried to drag her somewhere, and she already said that she must wait for Yi Tianyuns return first.

These people here are bandits! You didnt do anything wrong, but next time tying them up would be sufficient. Yi Tianyun said to Ren Zhirou, this couldnt be helped, Ren Zhirou was already at Fifth Level Core Transformation!

No matter! Lets go back! Yi Tianyun said while taking Ren Zhirou by hand and walked toward where Yi Yuwei lived.

Yi Tianyun already explained to the Yi Sisters that he would be going to Star Pavilion to receive his reward, he couldnt find any good reason to tell them for taking someone back with him.

As they walked toward Yi Yuweis house, Yi Tianyun noticed that Ren Zhirou was thinking of something.

What are you thinking of? Yi Tianyun asked casually.

There is something that I vaguely remember but cant place it just yet. Ren Zhirou said wonderingly.

Its okay, just think slowly. We cant have you hurt your head again! Yi Tianyun said, reprimanding Ren Zhirou.

When they arrived at the house, Yi Tianyun immediately felt something was off! He couldnt feel the two sisters aura anywhere near the house! As he entered the house, he found a trace of struggle in the rooms. He instantly looked gloom, who dare to attack his place and took his people!

He looked around, and sure enough, he found a message directed to him saying that the two sisters were brought to the Rainy Mountain, and Yi Tianyun must come alone to save them. There was no signature as to who was doing all this, but all he could think of was either Lin Li or Wang Family Head was the one behind all this. They are the only ones Yi Tianyun could think of.

Just you see! If the girls were hurt even just slightly, I would kill all of you! Yi Tianyun said while his eyes were burning in hatred.

Brother, whats wrong? Ren Zhirou said as she finally entered the house.

I want to kill someone bothering me! are you coming? Yi Tianyun said fiercely.

Of course, brother! If you want me to go, I will go! Ren Zhirou said lightly.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and then flew off using his Phoenix Wing to the Rainy Mountain with Ren Zhirou in his arms. He wanted to end this as soon as possible.

He immediately landed on the corner of the Rainy Mountain and put away his Phoenix Wing. He immediately covered the whole mountain with his Spiritual Aura as he searched Yi Yuwei and Yi Yuxuan in anger. Soon enough, he found where they were and the captor that held them. He noticed that one of the captors was none other than Lin Li, as he predicted.

He quickly rushed to their position, as he didnt want to waste any time. As he closed in on their position he could hear a loud cry by one of the sisters inside the cave.

Stop that, we still need them for the brat! Lin Li said in anger.

Why? I really want to touch them! Wang Shui said, feeling dissatisfied by Lin Li.

Young Master Lin, as you said yourself, the brats cultivation was weak! Why would you look at him with high regard? Wang Qing said in disdain.

I suspected that the brat has a helping hand, there is no way he could reach such level without someone helping him! Lin Li retorted.

Anyway, we arent getting anywhere by standing here! He wouldnt come! Wang Shui said coldly.

What do you wanna do to Elder Yi! Yuwei said coldly.

Who said you can talk! Lin Li said as he slapped Yi Yuweis face.

That brat sure has good eyes, these girls were the flower of Zhu Family! Wang Qing said creepily.

We are no longer related to the Zhu family! We already abandoned it and join the Yi Family instead! If Elder Yi comes, you guys are dead! Yuwei growled.

Sure, if he doesnt come, I will thoroughly enjoy you two! Lin Li said while grinning.

Go ahead! I want to see you enjoying your life while you still can! Yi Tianyun said as he finally arrived at the mouth of the cave.

The sudden appearance of Yi Tianyun surprised everyone, as nobody in the room sensed him coming.

Elder YI! Yi Yuwei shouted as she was relieved to see Yi Tianyun came to save them. But she couldnt deny that she was worried about Yi Tianyuns safety, these three had high cultivation!

You came really fast! Did you come with someone? If you do, dont blame us for killing these two flowers! Wang Shui said while chuckling evilly.

If you hurt them even slightly, you are all dead! Yi Tianyun said while releasing his killing intent!

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