Crazy Leveling System Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Instantaneous Suppression

Chapter 197 Instantaneous Suppression

So, what now, kid? If you dont obey me, I will kill them! Wang Qing said with a sneer.

Elder Yi, dont listen to them! If they capture you, its all over! Yi Yuxuan and Yi Yuwei said at the same time.

Yes, dont listen to me! An elder should save themselves first, arent they! Wang Qing said tauntingly.

I will do what you say, so dont hurt them! Yi Tianyun said coldly. He used his appraisal eyes to assess these three enemies in front of him and noticed that Lin Li was the weakest at Second Level Core Condensation meanwhile, the Wang brothers at First Level Spirit Core.

Wang Shui gave a sign to Wang Qing to check their surroundings. He was still suspicious that Yi Tianyun brought someone with him. But Wang Qing didnt notice anyone near them, as it was hard to hide ones spiritual power.

The kid is courageous! He really came alone! Wang Qing said, sounding a little impressed.

Now, dont do anything stupid as their life is in your hand! Wang Qing said while approaching Yi Tianyun.

I would not do anything if you let them leave! Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Elder Yi, dont believe them! They would kill you and us even if you surrender! Yi Yuwei said while shouting loudly.

She was immediately slapped by Lin Li, as Lin Li wanted to slaps her the second time, Yi Yuxuan immediately jumped in and took Yi Yuweis from getting slapped again.

Dont hit my younger sister! Yi Yuxuan said coldly.

A good sister but not a good slut! Your husband didnt even care about you and abandon you back to Zhu Family! Lin Li said while laughing at Yi Yuxuan.

Seeing Lin Lis action towards Yi Yuxuan, Yi Tianyun almost snapped. He really wanted to beat the crap out of Lin Li so bad right now!

I said, I will do what you say, so dont harm them! Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Fine! Lin Li said while backing away from the sisters. Lin Li signaled Wang Qing to capture Yi Tianyun immediately. Wang Qing rushed over and immediately tied Yi Tianyuns hands and brought him over to Lin Li.

There! I have been captured! So let them go! Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Lin Li looked at Wang Brother and began to laugh out loud.

Can you believe this brat? How can he be so nave? Wang Shui said while wiping his tears from Laughing loudly.

Younger Brother, you cant mock him like that. He is just a kid, he still doesnt know how ruthless this world can be! Wang Qing said while also wiping his tears from laughing.

Your Divine Rune Skill is excellent but what about now? Lin Li said mockingly.

Yi Tianyun could no longer hold back his anger and immediately activated his crazy mode.

As the Crazy Mode was activated, Wang Qing was pushed back forcibly toward the wall and was slammed hard towards it.

Yi Tianyun immediately kicked Lin Li on the chest, sending Lin Li flying and slammed the wall as well.

You brat! I will kill you! Wang Qing said as he tried to stand from the shock.

Yi Tianyun didnt bother to wait and kicked Wang Qing hard!

The kick broke Wang Qings hand, and he screamed hard due to the excruciating pain!

Seeing the chaos Yi Tianyun made, Wang Shui immediately tried to grab Yi Yuxuan to threaten Yi Tianyun. But he never got the chance as the next second he was burning from an unknown fire that he hasnt even seen before.

The terrifying flame quickly devoured his body, and with his scream slowly become quieter, his body was covered entirely by the flame.


Successfully killed Wang Shui!

Reward: 150.000 Exp, 2.400 Crazy Points, Turning The Heavens Step Martial Art, Heaven Ruining Sword

The system notification proved that Wang Shui has finally died.

Yi Tianyun immediately went to the sisters and untied them from the ropes. These ropes that Lin Li used are a High-Grade Spirit Tools, which could hold an absurd amount of strength!

Elder Yi, we are sorry for causing you so much trouble! Yi Yuwei said with apologetic eyes.

This is not your fault, if anyone were blamed, that would be me! I brought this trouble to you! Yi Tianyun said while shaking his head and smiling lightly to the sister. After that, he turned his attention towards Lin Li and prepared himself to torture Lin Li so much that hed beg to be killed instead.

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