Crazy Leveling System Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Blacksmith Level Up

Chapter 20: Blacksmith Level Up

Having said that much, then I grant you the permission. I will immediately prepare the materials so you can continue to forge new swords!

Shi Xueyun is certainly not polite. Jade Palace usually doesnt have enough money to hire a third level blacksmith. Their service is quite expensive and The material fee was nothing to sneer at as well so they are struggling to make Spirit Tools.

Now that they discovered Yi Tianyuns capability in forging, undoubtedly they can make more Spirit Tools with less money. This is enough to strengthen the entire Jade Palace, absolutely cost-effective!

Quest: Completed Mission From Shi Xueyun.

Reward: 5.000 exp and 10 favorability.

Ah, I acquired a task there is favorability this time?

Yi Tianyun squatted, he did not expect this kind of favorability to improve, thinking back, his previous tasks, are all to collect stuffs or defeat enemies, none of them is to help someone. Defeating enemies obviously only increases the value of hatred, and does not increase the favorability whatsoever.

This special point is Shi Xueyuns affection for him.

Can i see my aunt favorability though? Yi Tianyun immediately saw favorability of Shi Xueyun on him is 330 points.

He didnt know what how the measurement works, but the system quickly categorize it.

0 favorability passerby.

10 favorability acquaintance.

100 favorability good friends.

200 favorability loved ones.

300 favorability or more life and death.

Generally it categorizes into these stages, and the same amount for negative favorability is applied, but he realized about this explanation a tad too late, if he realized sooner and have a look at Master Kongs favorability its definitely a negative amount.

It turns out that my aunt favorability for me is so high Yi Tianyun didnt expect it to be already at the level of life and death he wonders whether increasing Shi Xueyuns favorability any further will have any effect?

Whats wrong?, youre looking at me so intensely, is there something on my face? Shi Xueyun blinked and wondered why Yi Tianyun stared at her.

Nothing, its just that my aunt is so beautiful. Yi Tianyun smiled.

Flattery will get you nowhere young man! Shi Xueyun gently hit him, while blushing, and immediately shouted: I will prepare the materials beforehand, you get ready!

Soon a bunch of materials is ready to be forged, Yi Tianyun began his mass forging.

Ding, Congratulations successfully forge a middle level spirit tool, mastery increased by 50, and earned 1.000 exp!

He got middle level spirit and at the same time, earn get 1.000 exp. This is quite beneficial. Then a brilliant idea struck him, he immediately activated Crazy Mode when he is almost done forging, and the experience bonus doubled!

Although it consumes a Crazy Point, it is still worthwhile. It gives twice the amount of experience, but unfortunately the mastery is not doubled as well.

So he continue this, activating Crazy Mode when hes about to finish forging, and deactivate it again repeatedly until he used up all the materials, otherwise he wont have enough Crazy Point if he activate it the whole time.

Ding, Congratulations succesfully forge a middle level spirit tool, mastery increased by 50, and earned 2.000 exp!

He got a bunch of exp, meanwhile average blacksmith just get Spirit Tool after forging, he got exp, and Blacksmith mastery as well.

Not long after he used up all the materials and forged a total of eight spirit tools. He only managed to forge that many due to the lack of materials. Jade Palace has limited resources to begin with so this is all they can afford. These materials were originally for Master Kong, and now Yi Tianyun already forged them all into these magnificent Spirit Tools.

Ding, Congratulations for completing the task, earned 5.000 exp, and Shi Xueyuns favorability is increased by 10 points.

Quest Completed.

Reward: 5.000 exp and 10 favorability.

Ding, Congratulations to level up to second level of Spirit Refinement Realm!

The system immediately notified about the level up, after completing the task earlier. He can easily breakthrough simply by forging, who else have this luxury?

Is there no more material left? Yi Tianyun said to Shi Xueyun.

While hes at it he also wanted to increase the level of his Blacksmith skill. He also wanted to increase as much exp as he can.

Whoa, i cant believe you already used up all the materials and succesfully forged every single one of them. And all of them are middle level spirit tools! Shi Xueyun is so excited seeing so many swords forged by Yi Tianyun, this will undoubtedly strengthen Jade Palace.

Hehe, as long as it is my aunts request, ill definitely get it done. If you have some good herbs, then I can also make pill for you! Yi Tianyun laughed.

You can make pill as well? Shi Xueyun is confused.

Yeah, kinda Yi Tianyun touched his nose. Now that he has immortal fire, it would be much easier to refine pill.

Really? Shi Xueyun hugged him and ecstatically said: Great, if that is the case, we dont need to beg anyones help anymore!

Yi Tianyun touched his nose, feels the warm fragrance, this warmth really puts him at ease

Its just that we dont have any herb here, we have no choice but to go outside and buy it. Shi Xueyun didnt care too much, and immediately said: I have a better idea, I will order someone to purchase some herbs and materials for Spirit Tools as well!

Purchaseoutside Yi Tianyuns eyes lit up. Ever since he came here he never goes out, not even once. He immediately volunteered: Aunt, can i do it instead? I will buy the necessary material, and sell extra spirit tools i forged earlier to earn more money the Jade Palace.

Its good to let you go out. It will serve as an experience as well. Shi Xueyun nodded and said immediately: Unfortunately I cant let you go by yourself, Ill send two disciples to accompany you. So, I will send An Ling and Qin Xue with you, they are both companions who will enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. With this opportunity, you can get to know them, so it will be easier to cooperate with them later on.

No problem, ill do as you say. Yi Tianyun smiled, this is not bad, they will enter the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins together later, if he doesnt get on their good sides how will they cooperate later?

Thats good, I will arrange it now! Shi Xueyun happily walk out to talk to the elders.

Looking at Shi Xueyun, Yi Tianyun felt warmth from her. As far as he know, he rarely saw Shi Xueyun laugh so happily. Whenever he is busy doing something in Jade Palace, she is just so happy for him.

Aunt, I will protect you forever! Yi Tianyun squinted, he wanted to help Shi Xueyun to stabilize her position and strengthen Jade Palace even further. This is his current goal!