Crazy Leveling System Chapter 207

Chapter 207 Spreading

Chapter 207 Spreading

Something wrong with what I said? I can say whatever I want, if you have a problem with that, Ill be glad to take you on any time! Feng Yulong said while sneering to Yi Tianyun.

You should follow through your word if you really think youre a man! Yi Tianyun said sarcastically.

Wipe that smug off your face, You have yourself a duel! Feng Yulong said as he prepared his stance.

No problem with me! Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Good! Feng Yulong said as he threw a punch with all of his might.

Yi Tianyun saw this attack coming and quickly parried Feng Yulongs fist and slapped Feng Yulong in the face!

Feng Yulong was thrown several feet to the side while spinning in the air. He was stunned by this attack, as he wanted to stand, his vision was blurred and he was so dizzy that everything was spinning in his eyes.

Everyone in the scene was shocked! They never thought that Feng Yulong would lose by one hit! He is in Seventh Level Spirit Refinement, which meant that Yi Tianyun was even higher than that!

How dare you hit Brother Feng! Liao Wen said while rushing to help Feng Yulong stand up, You will regret ever doing this! he added as he took Feng Yulong to leave the area.

We will see. Said Yi Tianyun indifferently.

After they left, Yang Xixue walked toward Yi Tianyun with a shocked expression on her face.

You really hit him! This is not good! Feng Family will come after you now! But dont you worry, I will try to solve this matter peacefully! She said with an anxious tone.

Its okay! You dont have to do anything, I dont care about those weaklings! Yi Tianyun said indifferently while shaking his head.

Seeing Feng Yulongs attitude, there was no wonder that Heavens Top Mansion steadily headed for their downfall.

Scaring every newcomer away wasnt very wise. Even if the newcomer wasnt scared, they wouldnt stay there for too long.

Yang Xixue immediately took him inside and arrange his new room, as well as handing him his new identity token. She explained that this token was the identification used around Heavens Top Mansion. He shouldnt lose it as there would be punishment for those who did.

After she was done settling Yi Tianyun in, she left to finish another affair. She didnt know Yi Tianyun. Therefore there was no other reason for her to stay.

If Yi Tianyun wore the face he used back then when he saved Yang Xixue in the sea, she would be surprised!

Yi Tianyun didnt stay at his room that long as he didnt plan to stay at the Heavens Top Mansion for too long either. He decided to walk outside and see the place a little bit closer because so far, Yi Tianyun wasnt impressed! If there are more people like Feng Yulong, this sect was really unfortunate!

After walking out of his room, Yi Tianyun was immediately welcomed by an excited young man waiting around the corner.

Hey, brother! I heard that you break the record for the fastest to cross the maze! On top of that, you even took out Feng Yulong! You are amazing! The young man said excitedly.

Yi Tianyun wasnt surprised by this. He knew that the guard would brag about him to anyone!

Yi Tianyun also knew that not everyone will believe this story. There would be some who felt skeptical of the story as it was something hard to believe.

I dont think that what I do is that incredible. Is it really that amazing? Yi Tianyun humbly replied.

There is indeed a person that is faster than you, but as young as you, there is no one! Now, tell me how old are you! the young man said, still quite energetically.

I am 17, I would be 18 in a few months. Yi Tianyun said politely.

Wow! Only 17 years old and youve already done incredible things! The young man shouted excitedly.

Oh, I am sorry. My name is Yang Yu, and I am ranked 83rd in the Heavenly Runes Pavilion. Everyone already knew your name, Yi Tianyun, right? It is a good name to have! Yang Yu said while giving his hands to Yi Tianyun to shake.

Yi Tianyun shook his hand out of politeness and asked about the rank Yang Yu mentioned, he didnt know about these ranks as Yang Xixue never explained it to him.

That is quite usual, come with me! we will go to the central square now and take a look! Yang Yu said while walking quite quickly to the central area.

When they arrived, Yi Tianyun saw a stone tablet with many wooden signs hanging on it.

As Yi Tianyun came closer, he realized that the signs were a name, he immediately searched for his name and saw it hanging on the 81st rank.

A little higher than Yang Yu. He also noticed that Heavenly Runes Pavilion didnt have that many disciples as Yi Tianyun could only see a total of 130 names hanging on the stone tablet.

Yang Yu explained that ranking was related to ones achievement. Maze test was one of them. That said, if Yi Tianyun wanted to improve his ranks, he needed more achievements, and thus he would get a better position inside the Heavens Top Mansion.

However, Yi Tianyun wasnt motivated at all. If he showed everyone his real capabilities, he would immediately achieve a high ranked position!

For now, his goal was to see how strong was Heavens Top Mansions disciple!

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