Crazy Leveling System Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Heavenly Soul Tower

Chapter 208 Heavenly Soul Tower

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Eighty-one, pretty low

Yi Tianyun frowned a little bit after seeing his own ranks on the list, he thought that the number was too low for such a quick finish on completing the maze.

Are you not satisfied? Yang Yu said after seeing Yi Tianyuns frowning face.

No, its too low for me! Yi Tianyun said casually, And what are you trying to do by approaching me while you said it yourself that there is no one dares to come near me. Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Nothing, Im just trying to be friendly, and know more about you. Yang yu said while rubbing his hands, looking nervous.

If you dont want to say it, that is okay. But, stop following me! Yi Tianyun said while turning his body, ready to leave Yang Yu behind.

Wait! I will explain! Yang Yu said hurriedly.

Okay, I will listen. Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

I have a grudge Feng Yulong! There I said it! I couldnt beat him, so when I heard that there is someone who does, I just couldnt help myself to befriend that person! So here we are, you can count on me for information about Heavenly Runes Pavilion, I even know things that could help you in Heavens Top Mansion. So, there is nothing to lose right? Yang Yu said while looking a little nervous waiting for Yi Tianyuns response.

How could you know so much, while you are still a mere disciple? Yi Tianyun said while looking a little bit unsure.

Thats a given, I am from the Yang Family after all, so I got a lot of information whether I need it or not. Yang Yu said confidently.

Is that so? Is there any relation between you and Yang Xixue? You both have the same last name. Yi Tianyun said curiously.

Yeah, she is my sister! That is one of the reasons that I hate Feng Yulong! He is nowhere near enough to be my sisters husband! Because of him, Feng Family pushes my sister to marry soon! Yang Yu said passionately.

I doubt that Feng Yulong would let you be from now on, he would be conspiring with his family to get back at you for sure. The entire Heavens Top Mansion could do nothing to help you if that happens. Yang Yu said solemnly.

Well, if they want to come to me, sure! I will handle them. Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Yang Yu burst on laughter after seeing Yi Tianyuns smug look, You are too confident of yourself. Yang Yu said between laughter.

Sure, why not! Yi Tianyun said with a light smile, So, where do you go to cultivate around here? Yi Tianyun added as he wanted to try cultivating here.

Hmmm, youre supposed to go to Heavenly Soul Tower. You could go in there a couple of times in a month. Yang Yu said, explaining the place to Yi Tianyun.

Okay, I guess I would check that place next. Are you coming? Yi Tianyun said casually to Yang Yu.

Me? You invite me? Yang Yu said while looking surprised.

Sure, why not! You could say no if you have somewhere else to be. Yi Tianyun said while shrugging his shoulders.

They walked toward the Heavenly Soul Tower and when they arrived at the front door of the place, Yi Tianyun looked at the building and he noticed that it had five floors from the look of it. It seemed that the cultivation area was divided into five.

They entered the front door and saw an elderly man was sitting on the side.

Deacon Huang, we are here to cultivate! Yang Yu said loud enough for the old man to hear.

Alright! But you already used up your quota boy! As for you, I need to see your Identity Token! Deacon Huang said casually.

Yi Tianyun quickly pulled out his identity token and showed it to Deacon Huang.

You are the newbie that made a new record, no? you are welcome to cultivate here on the 1st floor. Deacon Huang said cheerily.

No, I want to see the 5th floor. Yi Tianyun said casually.

Deacon Huang and Yang Yu were surprised to hear Yi Tianyuns request. They never heard a newcomer wanted to enter the highest floor at first try!

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