Crazy Leveling System Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Duel

Chapter 210: Duel

What are you doing here? This place could constrain you mentally! Yang Xixue said as she quickly approached Yi Tianyun.

What pressure? Didnt you see I am cultivating just fine? Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

As she didnt have anything else to say, she chose to cultivate near Yi Tianyun as she would be able to help him if he fainted.

The news about Yi Tianyun challenging the fifth floor was quickly spread among the disciple of Heavens Top Mansion. Many of them came to see for themselves as they didnt believe the news at first.

Jia Ping, one of Liao Wen companion, sneered as he knew that Yi Tianyun challenged the highest floor. He immediately came over and took one of the talismans as he entered the fifth floor.

Seeing Jia Ping entering the place, Yang Yu immediately warned Yi Tianyun to be careful as he had a bad feeling about this.

Liao Wen glanced at Yang Yu coldly as he found him being so annoying.

Brat! You shouldnt be here! Go away! Jia Ping said toward Yi Tianyun.

Usually, there was a pretty strict rule about not bothering anyone when they were cultivating. But Jia Ping just couldnt hold it, he felt the urge to avenge his companion somehow.

Didnt your master tell you to not bother anyone during their cultivation? Yi Tianyun said lazily.

I dont have any master! But I do know that you arent supposed to be here! Jia Ping said with a sneer.

Enough! You are clearly disturbing everyone here. If you couldnt hold it, just go out! Yang Xixue snarled.

Why do you help him? Jia Ping said, bothered by Yang Xixues action.

That is the truth! You are bothering everyone! Yang Xixue snarled.

Okay. Now, I am challenging you to a duel! What do you say? Jia Ping said, still with the smirk on his face.

Not interested, thanks. Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

You coward! Did you guys hear that? Hes too scared to accept my challenge! Jia Ping said to all spectator watching from behind the door.

The people watching outside were running out of patience from Yi Tianyuns cocky attitude, they booed him for not accepting the challenge.

Yi Tianyun just sighed as he didnt like to be put in the spotlight.

Okay! How do you wanna fight? Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

Thats more like it! Now, I would like to challenge you for how many days you could stand inside this room. If I win, you will be my slave, but if you win, I will be your slave for a year! Jia Ping said confidently.

There is no need for that! You arent qualified to become my slave. Yi Tianyun said sarcastically.

If I win, I would slap you in the face! How about this? Yi Tianyun said as he suggested another condition.

Yi Tianyuns cockiness just stunned everyone, he seemed so sure of himself, but Jia Ping actually had a pretty high rank among the disciples, here on Heavens Top Mansion.

Sure! I accept it, you can start now, as I would do too! Jia Ping said as he took out the talisman that he previously took and activated it to begin his own cultivation.

Soon, Jia Ping was immersed with his cultivation that he didnt open his eyes as he meditated. This was the opposite of what Yi Tianyun was doing.

Yi Tianyun kept his eyes open and decided to look at the Divine Runes engraved around the room.

Everyone outside was looking quite excitedly. They thought that Yi Tianyun would lose as Jia Ping had a higher rank than him. But, the most important reason was the fact that everyone kind of noticed that Yi Tianyun wasnt really serious at all!

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