Crazy Leveling System Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Prodigy

Chapter 212 Prodigy

After the sixth day, Yi Tianyun looked around and noticed that Jia Ping wasnt in the room anymore.

Yang Xixue noticed Yi Tianyuns confusion and immediately told him that he has won the duel!

Yi Tianyun smiled a little bit and continued to meditate.

Yi Tianyuns action left everyone wondering.

Will Yi Tianyun actually persisted with the 10 days limit even after he won?

After the seventh day, Jia Ping finally woke up and he immediately asked about Yi Tianyun and knowing that Yi Tianyun was still meditating, he finally realized that Yi Tianyun didnt even care about the duel. He felt ashamed for provoking Yi Tianyun now.

The eighth day passed. Everyone was convinced Yi Tianyun would faint at any moment now, but that is not the case!

After the ninth days passed, Yi Tianyun has finally done analyzing the Divine Rune scattered around the room and decided to come out as there was no more benefit on staying in the room anymore.

As he came out, he noticed that there was a huge crowd outside the room. As he walked away, the crowds began to clap, confusing Yi Tianyun even more. In the eyes of the crowd, Yi Tianyun was indeed a prodigy!

Jia Ping, however, stared at Yi Tianyun in a grievance. He still couldnt accept the reality that he was weaker than Yi Tianyun, but there was nothing he could do about this outcome.

You won! I give this Divine Rune Stroke to you. It is a High-Grade Spirit Tool Rank item! I hope with this gift, there will be no more hard feelings between us. Jia Ping said cautiously. He didnt want to get slapped by Yi Tianyun as if that happened, he would lose all his dignity!

Everyone at the scene felt jealous of Yi Tianyun for receiving such a high-rank item. But their envy was proven worthless as Yi Tianyun slapped Jia Ping hard!

Jia Ping was thrown several meters away with one slap, a few of his teeth fell to the ground.

Wha, What! How dare you hit me! Jia Ping said he couldnt believe his goodwill was repaid with a slap.

A promise is a promise! I said if I win, I will slap you! You think some stupid Divine Rune Stroke would be able to help you? Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Everyone was shocked to see that Yi Tianyun rejected a high-rank spirit tool. Because of this act he did, Yi Tianyuns reputation soared among Heavens Top Mansion disciples and deacons! Everyone began to wonder, what is the real level of Yi Tianyuns cultivation would be.

The ranking surely didnt seem to do him justice. Sure, the rank could be improved by so many things, but the assessment to update the rank was monthly and it will take a while before the next assessment.

You are so amazing, big bro! you beat Jia Ping so easily! Yang Yu said excitedly. He immediately handed over 9.000 Gold to Yi Tianyun.

Here, accept it big bro! this is your share of my winning bet of you! Yang Yu said excitedly.

I am a little bit sad that I only have 6.000 gold in my pocket at the time! Yang Yu said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun pushed back the coins toward Yang Yu.

No, this is your money. Use it for something useful. Yi Tianyun said as he handed back the coins to Yang Yu.

Big bro, you are too kind! I wouldnt win if it werent you! If you wouldnt accept this money, fine. But I would buy you a meal next time for sure! Yang Yu said while smiling toward Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun smiled lightly, Yang Yu surely earned this money! Yi Tianyun knew that Yang Yu wouldnt waste it for something useless.

Okay, you will buy my next meal! I wonder if a feast would suffice. Yi Tianyun said while smiling playfully.

Haha, you are funny! I definitely regret that I dont have any more money lying around now. Yang Yu said while still smiling lightly.

Yang Yu sighed, but at least, he would be able to buy some pills with this money. Even if it is not a high-grade pill, it would be helpful nonetheless!

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