Crazy Leveling System Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Mu Xian'er

Chapter 213 Mu Xian’er

Youve just made a lot of enemies just now! Jia Ping had his own group of people who are willing to do all kinds of things for him, you know! Yang Xixue said, scolding Yi Tianyun a little bit.

What are you talking about, sister? Dont you know big bro was super strong? Dont you see his slap earlier? Yang Yu said, praising Yi Tianyun honestly.

Stop messing around! She said toward Yang Yu, which startled Yang Yu a little bit.

I know that Junior Brother Yi doesnt seem like a weak cultivator, but you still need to be cautious around people like them! You dont know what would happen next! The best case right now is to wait for Deacon Hes return and leave the problem to her! Yang Xixue said while looking slightly frustrated.

I dont mind slapping a few people who dare to stand against me, you know. Yi Tianyun said with a light smile on his face.

Well, if you say so. If something is bothering you, you can come to us right away. We will surely try to help you in any way we can. Yang Xixue said while sighing after witnessing Yi Tianyuns cockiness.

Sure, I appreciate the thought. Oh, yeah, before we part, did you know when Deacon He would be back? Yi Tianyun said wonderingly.

I dont really know, it might take weeks before she returns, at a time she even comes back after 2 months! said Yang Xixue knowingly.

But I am sure she would be back anytime soon. She added, trying to assure Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head, if she didnt come back anytime soon, he planned to leave as Star Pavilion invitation was coming close.

We will take our leave for now, Junior Brother. We have something to attend to. Yang Xixue said while dragging Yang Yu behind.

Big Bro, see you soon! Yang Yu said while waving his hand excessively.

Yi Tianyun only smiled at Yang Yus antics, this boy sure is energetic, he thought to himself.

He walked out of Heavenly Soul Tower immediately, and suddenly a young lady as beautiful as a fairy walked toward him. Yi Tianyun observed her a little bit and was surprised to see that she wasnt a frail girl he thought her to be.

You must be the newcomer, Yi Tianyun, arent you? The lady said with a beautiful voice.

You must be Mu Xianer. The second ranker disciple. Yi Tianyun said while nodding a little bit.

I didnt expect you to recognize me. Mu Xianer said playfully.

Just guess, I simply concluded youre the second ranker from your spiritual aura. Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

Thanks for your compliment, big brother. I hope you get a good evaluation of your rank next month. Mu Xianer said politely.

Youre welcome. Yi Tianyun said while turning his body to leave.

Mu Xianer smiled playfully after seeing Yi Tianyuns back. She suddenly pulled a Divine Rune Paper and sneakily pasted it to Yi Tianyuns back.

She quickly ran ahead of Yi Tianyun as if nothing has happened, but Yi Tianyun knew her every move, as he immediately took the divine rune paper from his back and pasted it on Xianers back. He was slightly amused by Mu Xianer ability to sneak around and did some mischief like this.

What is wrong, big brother? Mu Xianer said as she noticed Yi Tianyun staring at her amusingly.

Dont mind me. See you later. Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

As soon as Xianer wanted to say something, the divine rune on her back suddenly exploded into a gust of air, which blew her a couple feet into the air.

You sneaky trickster! I know what youre trying to do! Yi Tianyun said playfully.

Mu Xianer didnt respond back as she was still in shock by the explosion. This was what she did when she got bored. Using a divine rune paper to create an array and pasted it on some random peoples back to frighten them a little bit.

As Mu Xianer fell, Yi Tianyun quickly caught her. Looking at her shocked expression, Yi Tianyun smiled and laughed a little bit. As he let her stood on her own feet, Yi Tianyun quickly slapped her booty.

Yi Tianyuns acts surprised Mu Xianer big time. She quickly turned around, looking angry with Yi Tianyun.

What? How dare you slap my ass! Dont you know who I am? Mu Xianer snarled.

You will pay for this! Mu Xianer said as she quickly ran away from the scene.

Yi Tianyun saw her left with slight amusement in his eyes. He wondered what Mu Xianer would do next time.

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