Crazy Leveling System Chapter 215

Chapter 215 One Move

Chapter 215: One Move

You still recognize this trash as your brother? Well, you better look after your big brother after we are done with him! He will need medical treatment so bad! Liang Bing said while laughing.

My big brother wont lose to the likes of you! Yang Yu said confidently.

Liang Bing only smirked sarcastically as he walked toward the platform. Liang Bing and Yi Tianyun taking their position to duel spectated by many students, who kept on saying Yi Tianyun was doing stupid stuff by accepting Liang Bings challenge.

One of Heavens Top Mansion guards came over to act as their referee, This duel would be a sparring match, meaning that you two arent allowed to kill each other! If that happens, you will get a punishment from the elder later! the guard said with a serious tone.

Understood! Liang Bing and Yi Tianyun said at almost the same time.

Hey, new kid! Ill let you have 3 freebies as a handicap! so the duel could be somewhat fair! Liang Bing said cockily toward Yi Tianyun.

I dont need 3 strikes, I will finish you in 1 strike! Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Liang Bing only smirked as he found Yi Tianyuns cockiness to be amusing.

The spectator around the arena was only shaking their heads as they couldnt believe the extent of Yi Tianyuns arrogant attitude.

Many people now chanted Liang Bings name as he had many followers. But soon enough, they were silenced by Yi Tianyun as he walked toward Liang Bing with each of his steps gradually become heavier as he got closer. As he got up close with Liang Bing, he made a stance that uses a slight of his aura, which portrayed very ominous by Liang Bing and the disciples watching their fight.

As Yi Tianyun struck Liang Bing, Liang Bing quickly tried to block the attack effortlessly only to be thrown outside the platform to the tree around the arena harshly.

This show of power shocked everyone watching. They never thought that Yi Tianyun would be able to defeat Liang Bing, who was in a higher rank than Yi Tianyun by 1 hit!

Big Brother Liang! Zhang Bin said as he ran toward Liang Bings unconscious body. He checked Liang Bings condition only to find that Liang Bing was on the critical condition, as his ribs were fractured by Yi Tianyuns attack.

This is amazing! I knew it! I knew that Big Bro Yi Tianyun was too powerful for Liang Bing! Yang Yu said excitedly.

Zhang Bin frantically ran toward the guards and accused Yi Tianyun of killing Liang Bing, which was quickly ignored by the guard as Liang Bing was not dead and would recover after a few months.

Yi Tianyun looked at Zhang Bin and challenged him to a duel just as Liang Bing previously did. Zhang Bin was trembling as he didnt want to end up like Liang Bing.

Just you wait, Yi Tianyun! There surely will be someone who would take revenge against you next time! Zhang Bin said as he quickly lifted Liang Bing up and taking him to the clinic.

Liang Bings followers were looking at Yi Tianyun with troubled eyes. They all wanted to take revenge on behalf of Liang Bing, but they were much weaker than Liang Bing was, so there was no way they would fare against Yi Tianyun ever!

Yi Tianyun looked at them with a smirk fully displayed on his face. He walked down the platform as all Liang Bings followers started to walk away one by one.

Brother, how can you be so strong! How can you cultivate so fast! Yang Yu said as he ran toward Yi Tianyun.

Its all about the amount of practice. Yi Tianyun said while smiling lightly.

Yi Tianyun was only showing a little of his power when he fought against Liang Bing, if he used more even slightly, Liang Bing would surely die! He accepted Liang Bings challenge only to play around and waste some time.

However, this little incident made him aware that Heavens Top Mansion was in a more dire situation than he previously thought! He was considering if Heavens Top Mansion was really worth it to begin with!

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