Crazy Leveling System Chapter 216

Chapter 216 Meet

Chapter 216 Meet

Yi Tianyun became famous across Heavens Top Mansion, no one didnt know his name.

Many people wondered, why Yi Tianyun chose to join the Heavens Top Mansion with his extraordinary cultivation.

Anyone in Heavenly Border Continent knew that Heavens Top Mansion was already at their wits end, if Heavens Top Mansion lost any more power than this, Heavens Top Mansion would be degraded back to the 2nd Grade Faction!

After the duel ended, Yi Tianyun quickly walked back toward his room. He wanted to rest, but not long after he closed his rooms door, there was a knock on the door. He quickly opened it, revealing He Qianhan at in front of the door.

It really was you! He Qianhan said with her eyes full of disbelief.

Nice to finally see you again, Deacon He! Yi Tianyun said while smiling politely. With Deacon He finally arrived, he canceled his plans to leave Heavens Top Mansion as soon as possible.

They said that I recommended someone really strong this time, I came here to check, but I never think that the person would be you! Deacon He said with disbelief still in her eyes.

You see, I gave them the token that you gave to me before. They all said the token was a recommendation token, so they took me in here without really asking any question whatsoever. Are you giving me the wrong token Deacon He? Yi Tianyun said wonderingly.

I didnt give the wrong token, I am very sorry about this, I think they just misunderstood the whole thing. Deacon He said, feeling guilty towards Yi Tianyun.

So, Deacon He didnt have any interest to recruit me as Heavens Top Mansions disciple? Yi Tianyun said playfully.

No, there is no way I could recruit you as a disciple! Your strength alone could easily earn you a deacon position if not more! Deacon He said exasperatedly, Now, come! Follow me, I will introduce you properly at the Main Palace. She said warmly.

Yi Tianyun nodded and followed He Qianhan, while on the way to the Main Palace he couldnt help but think of what Heavens Top Mansion needed to improve themselves, if this problem still remained, he was afraid that Heavens Top Mansion would continue to decline before totally disbanded altogether.

Soon enough, they arrived at the Main Palace in the center of Heavens Top Mansion.

Yi Tianyun noticed that it was an ancient building. It gave off a powerful aura. Obviously, that building was built by a powerful person!

After entering the palace, Yi Tianyun noticed the place wasnt luxurious, but it was covered by antiques that gave off a mysterious vibe to the place.

Deacon He, this time you brought back some good seed with you! He sure is young, and I heard that he already made a name for himself around here. An old man said suddenly while smirking toward He Qianhan.

Deacon Guan, this is a misunderstanding! He isnt the disciple that I recommended. In fact, he is a Guest Elder that I invited here. He Qianhan said indifferently.

A Guest Elder? From which sect? Deacon Guan said wonderingly.

I am from a 2nd Grade Faction! Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

2nd Grade Faction? Are you kidding me Deacon He? Someone from 2nd Grade Faction becomes a 3rd Grade Faction Guest Elder? Deacon Guan said while trying to hold his laughter.

That fact doesnt matter! He was powerful enough to be noticed by the Pavilion Lord of Star Pavilion himself. Deacon He said indifferently.

Hmmm, is that because of his Divine Rune Mastery? Is he a 3rd Grade Divine Rune Master? I doubt that the Pavilion Lord was interested in that! Deacon Guan said, still didnt believe Deacon Hes words.

No, he is a 4th Grade Divine Rune Master! He Qianhan said, still in an indifferent tone.

What! A 4th Grade Divine Rune Master! Deacon Guan said completely dumbfounded!

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