Crazy Leveling System Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Successor

Chapter 217: Successor

Deacon Guan was utterly shocked! He couldnt believe a 17-year-old boy could achieve that level!

He is a 4th Grade Divine Rune Master? How can it be? Deacon Guan said, still not believing Deacon Hes Words.

It doesnt matter whether you believe me or not, it has nothing to do with you! Young Master Yi, please come this way. Deacon He said as she ignored Deacon Guan and resuming to guide Yi Tianyun inside.

Young Master Yi, your innate ability was so profound! Would you like to join us instead! Deacon He said as she found this was the right opportunity to ask.

This is not the time for that, I still have many things to do after this. Yi Tianyun rejected the offer politely. He only came to check whether the history of Heavens Top Mansion and Jade Sect were a match.

He looked at Deacon He and didnt fail to notice that she was a little bit disappointed by Yi Tianyuns rejection.

But let me return the offer, if Deacon He wishes, I would love to invite you to join our sect! Yi Tianyun said playfully.

He Qianhan was surprised to hear Yi Tianyuns proposal, she didnt expect to receive an invitation to join a 2nd Grade Faction while she was in a 3rd Grade Faction herself.

Thank you so much for the offer Young Master Yi, but I still have many plans for Heavens Top Mansion. She said politely.

They soon entered the inner hall where Yi Tianyun could see several core disciples walked around. He noticed that several of these core disciples were already broke through to the Core Condensation.

Yi Tianyun noticed someone he met earlier, that is none other than Mu Xianer! He saw Mu Xianer talked to an old man who was already in 5th Level Spirt Core. Clearly, this old man was an elder here.

Mu Xianer noticed that someone was staring at her and looked around and saw Yi Tianyun walked by.

You! she shouted.

While the shout itself wasnt that loud, she still succeeded to draw some attention towards Yi Tianyun,

Yes, me! Nice to see you again, Lil Xianer! Yi Tianyun said while smiling politely.

What are you doing here! Mu Xianer said rudely.

What happened? Did he bully you, sweet Xianer? The elder said while smiling.

No! but he. . . Xianer said, couldnt finish her sentence.

If that was not the case, then whats with the yelling? A girl should speak with compassion! If you are acting savage like this who would want to be your dao companion in the future! the Great Elder said to Xianer.

Grandpa! How could you say that to me! There is no one worthy of taking me as their dao companion yet! she said while sulking to the great elder.

Yi Tianyun immediately laughed as he saw Xianer pouted.

Ehem! Great elder, this is Guest Elder, Young Master Yi Tianyun, who helped me at Star Pavilion before, and he is the winner of the tournament himself. There must be some misunderstanding earlier when the guards mistook him as a recommended disciple. He Qianhan said solemnly.

First place on Divine Rune Tournament? Great elder said while showing a great interest in Yi Tianyun while Mu Xianer was shocked to hear the news.

Winning the tournament meant that at least the person has reached 4th Grade Divine Rune Master rank or more! With Yi Tianyuns age, it became even more amazing!

That is just her ramblings, Great Elder! There is no proof yet! Deacon Guan suddenly said while sneering towards He Qianhan.

Yi Tianyun saw that He Qianhan was offended by Deacon Guans statement.

She only brought trash so far into our sect, there is no telling what she said this time is the truth! It is a shame that she was a descendant of the great Spirit King Xuan Tian! Deacon Guan said casually.

Enough Deacon Guan! Great Elder said as he had enough of Deacon Guans rudeness.

Yi Tianyun was startled! He never thought that He Qianhan was a descendant of Spirit King Xuan Tian. No wonder she put all her effort into the betterment of Heavens Top Mansion!

Great Elder, what are you mad at me for? I did not say anything wrong at all! She often brought back a disciple that couldnt even stand a few months here, wasting our resources! Deacon Guan said coldly.

That is not Deacon Hes fault, nor it was the fault of the disciple she brought. Its because of your incompetence! There is a bunch of stuck up disciple in there that will make any newcomer uncomfortable! Yi Tianyun said, interjecting Deacon Guans speech.

Hey, this is our internal issue! You have no right to meddle in this! Deacon Guan said coldly.

I am the successor of Xuan Tian Spirit King! These issues are mine too! Yi Tianyun said coldly.

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