Crazy Leveling System Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Corruptness

Chapter 218 Corruptness

Everyone in the room stopped every little thing that they have been doing and stared at Yi Tianyun surprisedly. They were surprised to hear Yi Tianyuns confession for being the successor of Spirit King Xuan Tian himself!

Yi Tianyun didnt particularly care, although everyones eyes were on him. He doesnt want He Qianhan to be wronged any further in that place. He knew the real reason the disciples walked away was that the poor management of Heavens Top Mansion over their disciple.

You are a successor of Spirit King Xuan Tian? Are you mad? Deacon Guan said while sneering to Yi Tianyun.

Great Elder! Look at what she brought us! She brought us a liar, possibly a theft too if not more! He said with so much passion behind each word.

Hearing his own credibility being questioned, Yi Tianyun quickly activated his Xuan Tian Divine Art and slapped Deacon Guan in the face! Throwing him towards a wall.

You dare to hit me! Deacon Guan said as he couldnt stop shivering.

This aura! This is Xuan Tian Divine Art! Great Elder says, as he quickly stood up from his chair. He never saw anything like this before! In his whole life serving Heavens Top Mansion, not once did he ever see the Xuan Tian Divine Art this concentrated and beautiful.

Yes! This is Xuan Tian Divine Art! How dare you suggest that I am a thief! If I dont hold back just now, you would be already six feet under the ground! Yi Tianyun said, letting his anger roar for a moment.

He Qianhan and Mu Xianer were stunned upon witnessing Yi Tianyuns power. However, Deacon Guan looked at Yi Tianyun in a different light now.

You really mastered it? Xuan Tian Divine Art? This must be fate! Now, give it to us! That is Heavens Top Mansions Treasure! Deacon Guan said in greed.

Yes! Give it to us! That Divine Art is our right! You dont have any rights on it! Suddenly someone spoke from the inside as they walked toward the hall. Two old men, with the cultivation of 4th Level Spirit Core comes.

Second Elder! Third Elder! You have come! Deacon Guan said as he runs toward the old man excitedly.

Second Elder, this Divine Art isnt meant to be passed down in the faction! It is Spirit King Xuan Tians privilege to pass it to anyone he wants! He Qianhan interjected.

Yes! We cant be greedy and start to demand everything our ancestor left behind. Sometimes, it is just not meant to be ours. Great Elder said wisely.

Great Elder! We still dont have the proof that he really was the successor of Spirit King Xuan Tian! Will you really let some random brat comes and be our elder just like that! the Second Elder said while snorting towards Yi Tianyun.

Oh, did you have the ability to steal a Divine Art? Yi Tianyun said challengingly. Yi Tianyun just shook his head as he thought that this Second Elder was really stupid. Did he really just say that Yi Tianyun stumbled upon the Divine Art and was suddenly able to use it?

The Ancestor clearly said that anyone who possesses the Xuan Tian Divine Art would be able to become elder if they met every criterion needed to become one. With that said, there is no way Spirit King Xuan Tian would give the Divine Art randomly! He Qianhan said, stating her knowledge.

Deacon He. I understand where youre coming from, but we cant let that happen! Especially now that Heavens Top Mansion is in critical condition! The Second Elder said as he released his aura.

The Third Elder followed shut as he released his own aura too. The hall was filled with the raging aura of the 4th Layer Spirit Core cultivation!

What are you doing! Are you really gonna go against the ancestors wishes? He Qianhan said as she was really shocked to see her elders acting like these.

No, we are doing this for Heavens Top Mansion! Spirit King Xuan Tian just left abruptly and never return! This brats ancestor must have something to do with it! There is no way that I would acknowledge him! Second Elder said with a smirk on his face.

Yi Tianyun just sighed at the corruptness that was happening in front of his eyes. He thought that by revealing some information to these guys, they would hear what he came to tell. But obviously, their greed blinded them from seeing the danger in front of them.

It seems that a little cleaning here and there wouldnt be bad!

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