Crazy Leveling System Chapter 221

Chapter 221 No Need To Kill

Chapter 221 No Need to Kill

Now that all the Shadow Guard was dead, Yi Tianyun turned his attention toward the Third Elder.

Everyone in the room had their mouth wide open, they never thought that Yi Tianyun could finish all of the Shadow Guard so fast effortlessly!

Is this the power of Xuan Tian Divine Art? The Third Elder said with a surprised look on his face.

Xuan Tian Divine Art? Dont get me wrong, sure the Divine Art is great, but that doesnt mean it is invincible! There is still so many improvements for it to be usable! Yi Tianyun said with an indifferent manner.

Yi Tianyun walked slowly toward the Third Elder as the Third Elder was backing up little by little. As he attempted to escape, Yi Tianyun immediately rushed and kicked him towards the Great Elder.

Here, do what you want! He betrayed you when you least suspected it, so you can decide his fate by your own hands! Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Great Elder looked at the Third Elder with disgust in his eyes.

You traitor! Is this really what you want? Become the Empires slave? the Great Elder said furiously.

Do what you want! There is nothing left! The Mansion Lord is already gone, the Heavens Top Mansions prosperity is gone too! There is nothing left for this shitty place! the Third Elder said while laughing mockingly.

You really dont hold your life dear, do you? Yi Tianyun said, clearly ticked off by the Third Elder laugh.

Great Elder, you better choose! You want to end him yourself or I will help you with that! Yi Tianyun said with an annoyed face.

Kill me! Heavens Top Mansion will soon belong to the Netherworld Empire! The Third Elder said while grinning mockingly.

The Great Elder quickly kicked the Third Elder in the head with so much force behind it.


Successful killed Heavens Top Mansion Third Elder!

Reward: 23.000 Exp, 3.300 Crazy Points, 50 Sin Points, Heavens Top Palm, Tianchen Step.

Yi Tianyun once again was surprised by the notification when he didnt kill the enemy. He now knew for sure that as long he gave a mortal wound to the enemy, hell still get the exp and other rewards even if he wasnt the who dealt the finishing blow.

After he finished the Third Elder, the Great Elder turned his attention towards Yi Tianyun.

Thank you very much for helping us, young man! You are our hero! I didnt expect to meet a young genius like you. The Great Elder said, humbly.

You dont need to thank me. It is my responsibility to help as I am the successor of the Spirit King Xuan Tian. Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

Now, we should check on the Mansion Lord. They clearly stated he was imprisoned in the basement. Did you know the way down there? Yi Tianyun asked, worriedly.

You are right! Come with me! I know the way down there! the Great Elder said frantically. Clearly feeling guilty that he for a second forgot about his Mansion Lord.

They immediately followed the Great Elder towards the basement. On their way down, Mu Xianer kept glancing at Yi Tianyun with a different light on her eyes.

Why are you looking at me like that? I am no different than before, you know. Yi Tianyun said as he finally got annoyed by Mu Xianer stares.

It is clearly different! You are a genius cultivator! Even though you are almost the same age as me, but your cultivation is already far ahead! How did you cultivate that fast? Mu Xianer said with amazement in her eyes.

I am not doing anything special, you know. Im constantly fighting to survive, thats it. Yi Tianyun said honestly.

Mu Xianer looked confused by Yi Tianyuns explanation. She hasnt faced any real battle in her entire life. All she ever did was mock battles held by the Deacons.

Young Master Yi, did Ancestor Xuan Tian leave any more wishes? He Qianhan suddenly asked. She has been admiring Spirit King Xuan Tian since she was a child, she knew about all the legend about Spirit King Xuan Tian. And so, she was excited to find Yi Tianyun was the successor of Spirit King Xuan Tian himself!

He doesnt leave any wishes behind. But he did mention Heavens Top Mansion and suggested me to see it by myself if I want to join or not. He hasnt left anything that forced me to do anything. Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Spirit King Xuan Tian never forgot about Heavens Top Mansion. Even though he left, he still cherished Heavens Top Mansion in his heart.

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