Crazy Leveling System Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Heavenly Jade Meaning

Chapter 224 Heavenly Jade Meaning

Yi Tianyun followed Mu Xianer to pick up the ingredient for the Spirit Medicine to regenerate the Mansion Lords lost limbs. After he got what he needed, he returned to the Mansion Lords room and began refining the Spirit Medicine quickly.

This incident was only known to several people whom the Great Elder trusted.

The rest didnt even know that something was happening at the moment.

I am done! Here, take this Broken Ribs Healing Cream to the Mansion Lord! Put it on his severed legs and hands, they would heal slowly over time. Yi Tianyun said to He Qianhan.

He Qianhan nodded and quickly applied the cream to the Mansion Lords severed limbs.

Thank you so much, you did so much for us, I dont know how many resources would be lost if you arent here. The Great Elder said toward Yi Tianyun sincerely.

No problem, it is part of my responsibility as the successor of the Spirit King Xuan Tian. Yi Tianyun said humbly.


Successfully completed the [Saving the Mansion Lord] quest!

Reward: 1.000.000 Exp, 100 Favourability Points for Mansion Lord of Heavens Top Mansion, the Great Elder of Heavens Top Mansion, He Qianhan, and Mu Xianer, 100 Prestige Points.

Seeing that he got a 100 Prestige Points, Yi Tianyun was quite happy! He knew that Prestige Points could influence everything he did. It basically enhanced his Luck without wasting any Crazy Points!

The successor of Spirit King Xuan Tian? The Mansion Lord said while looking quite surprised.

Little brother, you see, I no longer have any qualification to be a Mansion Lord after they have destroyed my cultivation like this. I have a proposition to make! I officially declare you to become the next Mansion Lord of Heavens Top Mansion and the Great Elder as your assistant to help you manage Heavens Top Mansion! The Mansion Lord said wilfully.

Yi Tianyun was shocked to hear the Mansion Lords proposition, he never expected to bear a responsibility like this. He never even thought about having a high status, especially a Mansion Lord!

I didnt mean to disrespect your decision, Mansion Lord. But I dont have the necessary prestige for the title. I dont even know if there will be any disciple that would support me for this position. Yi Tianyun said humbly.

Thats fine, with your Xuan Tian Divine Art and the Successor of Spirit King Xuan Tian, there is no one that would object you becoming our Mansion Lord. Even if there is some opposition later on, I am sure that Great Elder would be able to solve it. The Mansion Lord said solemnly.

Heavens Top Mansion was in an awkward situation right now, they didnt have any elder except for the Great Elder, they didnt even have any single Old Ancestor that could guide them!

Yi Tianyun thought about his own decision at the moment, I have a better proposition to make. You see, I already became an elder in a faction on Earthly Borders Continent. I dont intend to join any other Faction, as my hands were full at the moment. How about merging our faction together, Heavens Top Mansion with me as the Mansion Lord and my other Faction so that Heavens Top Mansion could recover fast without any unnecessary difficulties. Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

They were all surprised to hear Yi Tianyun s proposition more than the Mansion Lords proposition.

Merging two factions wasnt something that could be done easily, its the same as to destroy one Faction and take over all their resources without a fight!

I dont think that this is doable, Little Brother Yi. If we do that with Heavens Top Mansion current condition, I am sure that the Heavens Top Mansion would be swallowed by your Faction. I couldnt let that happen, as Heavens Top Mansion was dear to everyone on this room and the disciple within it. The Mansion Lord said while sighing nervously.

Then, how about we divide the merged faction into two chambers? The Female Disciple would become the disciples of the Heavenly Jade Sect, and the Male Disciple remained here Heavens Top Mansion. After all, the Heavenly Jade Sect I am currently on was a female-only sect. Yi Tianyun said with a serious face.

Heavenly Jade Sect? the Mansion Lord said, he was surprised hearing the name of Yi Tianyuns sect.

Yes, that is the name of my Faction. It was once called Heavenly Jade Mansion, but it was once in decline, and recently become Heavenly Jade Sect after we were promoted to 2nd Grade Faction. Yi Tianyun said casually.

Heavenly Jade? Do you know who named it? The Mansion Lord said, while his shocked expression never left his face.

This is the original name of the Spirit King Xuan Tian! His original name was He Tianxuan! (Tian Xuan = Heavenly Jade). This Faction you are in right now could be related to the Spirit King Xuan Tian! He left the Heavens Top Mansion after some incident that left him disappointed toward Heavens Top Mansion, it is possible that after he left, he created another faction! The Mansion Lord said with a surprised tone.

This could be the case. I dont really know the name of the creator of Heavenly Jade Sect, I would check on it when I returned there. If this is really the case, would you be willing to merge our two factions? Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

If this is really the case, sure! I would be honored to merge with another Spirit King Xuan Tians Faction. The Mansion Lord said with a warm smile.

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