Crazy Leveling System Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Trample

Chapter 229 Trample

Li Huan from Divine Rune Mansion has been thrown down by Yi Tianyun!

Recovering from his shock, Li Huan immediately shouted at Yi Tianyun, How dare you hit me! Ill break your bones myself, kid! Li Huan said in anger.

I am just returning the favor, you know. Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Li Huan was more furious than before. He charged at Yi Tianyun, when he was close enough, once again he was slammed by Yi Tianyun!

This time Yi Tianyun flung him over a window and fell into the street outside.

Mansion Lord? What happen? The Great Elder said as he saw Yi Tianyun when he went out of the room to inspect the ruckus.

Its nothing. Some little trouble made its way to me. Yi Tianyun said convincingly to the Great Elder.

As Yi Tianyun wanted to follow the Great Elder towards their rooms, Li Huan once again showed up shouting.

There he is, senior brother! He hits me twice! Li Huan said towards a man.

Is that so? Then, I will settle this personally for you! Lin Feng said to Li Huan.

We are from Heavens Top Mansion! We are an official guest invited by the Netherworld Empire! You dare to hinder us? The Great Elder said with a frown on his face.

You are from Heavens Top Mansion? Now, there shouldnt be a problem then! Lin Feng said as he charged towards Yi Tianyun to attack.

Great Elder was frowning as he didnt understand the way this man acted. He didnt tell them that Yi Tianyun was a Mansion Lord of Heavens Top Mansion because Yi Tianyun requested it himself!

If that wasnt the case, he knew that these people wouldnt bother Yi Tianyun.

No one wanted to fight against a Mansion Lord unless theyre really confident!

Then, dont blame me for whatever is gonna happen to you! Yi Tianyun said as he slammed his foot hard towards the charging Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was flung towards the window and the same with Li Huan, he also ended up falling in the street!

The difference was Lin Feng didnt survive Yi Tianyuns overwhelming power!

Li Huan was only punched lightly by Yi Tianyun and Lin Feng was kicked hard in the chest!


Successfully killed Lin Feng!

Reward: 23.000 Exp, 2.400 Crazy Points, 30 Sin Points, 500 Divine Rune Mastery, Evil Heaven Martial Art, Golden Purple Feather Fan.

Yi Tianyun was a bit surprised seeing Lin Feng was dead so easily. But, he still didnt care much.

After all, Lin Feng was the one who challenged him.

Li Huan and the people from Divines Rune Mansion quickly ran towards Lin Fengs lifeless body, and after they checked Lin Fengs pulse and breathing, they left the scene quickly!

Mansion Lord, this is gonna be a big deal! The Great Elder said worriedly.

The Great Elder knew that badly injuring a disciple from another faction could trigger retribution!

Dont worry, they arent a problem that we cant handle! Yi Tianyun said casually.

The look on the Great Elders face right now was nervous, he trusted Yi Tianyun will be able to solve the problem later, but there were still some doubts in his heart!

This happened to Mu Xianger as well, as she watched what happened through the door of their rooms in silence.

Mu Xianger wandered outside of the room to see the commotion as her grandpa didnt come back immediately.

Dont worry, as a Mansion Lord, I will not let Heavens Top Mansion to be ridiculed in the future! Yi Tianyun said confidently.

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