Crazy Leveling System Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Discarding

Chapter 231 Discarding

Yu Shiqian was one of White Lotus Mansions representatives.

They were invited naturally for their great influence in the Heavenly Border Continent. Their Mansion Lord was as beautiful as a rose garden.

The Mansion Lord must attend this dinner to show respect to the Netherworld Empire who invited them. But this was not the case for the Netherworld Empire itself, the Emperor didnt have to come to this dinner at all!

When Yi Tianyun was looking around the place to check the guests cultivation with his Appraisal Eye, Elder Yun approached him, somewhat surprised to see Yi Tianyun among the guests.

Yi Tianyun turned around and cant help but be surprised himself.

Elder Yun, I see youre already here! Yi Tianyun said, surprised.

Yeah, weve arrived just now. I am a little bit surprised to see you here, Pavilion Lord Li seems to not know that you are here. Elder Yun said with a smile on his face.

Yeah, I didnt give any answer to the Star Pavilion as I have something else to attend to. I have joined the Heavens Top Mansion, so its only natural to come here with them. Yi Tianyun said, explaining his situation a little bit.

I am happy that youve finally joined a faction this time, Guest Official Yi. Elder Yun said politely. However, Yi Tianyun noticed the look on Elder Yuns face, it seems that he was a little disappointed to hear Yi Tianyun joining a low-level faction like Heavens Top Mansion.

After Elder Yun excused himself to go look for Pavilion Lord Li, Zhang Bin who lost to Yi Tianyun in the match in Heavens Top Mansion before suddenly came and paid his respect to the Great Elder.

Once he looked closely, Zhang Bin realized that Yi Tianyun was near the Great Elder.

Hey, what are you doing here? Zhang Bin said with a frown on his face.

He didnt know that Yi Tianyun has already become a Mansion Lord of Heavens Top Mansion.

Seeing Zhang Bins disrespectful word, the Great Elder interrupted the conversation with his own question.

I remember that you are Zhang Bin, right? Why are you here? We didnt invite you with us, as long as I can remember. The Great Elder said, full of wonder.

Well, I didnt come here as a Heavens Top Mansions disciple! I am here as a disciple of Divine Runes Mansion! Zhang Bin said proudly.

This will be the last time I will be calling you the Great Elder, Great Elder. Zhang Bin said while smirking proudly.

What? Dont you know the punishment for leaving your original faction? the Great Elder said disappointedly.

I know, once you leave your original faction you have to abandon your cultivation stage and start anew. But what can Heavens Top Mansion do? Divine Runes Mansion is more powerful than you, and you could do nothing about it. Zhang Bin said condescendingly.

As Zhang Bin finished his little speech, Yi Tianyun immediately slapped his face hard.

This incident startled everyone in the vicinity, as they never thought that a fight could break out at this dinner party.

You hit me! how dare you! Zhang Bin said while gritting his teeth.

What is happening here!? A Deacon from Divine Runes Mansion comes to Zhang Bins side.

Deacon, he hit me! Heavens Top Mansion trash hit me! Zhang Bin said furiously.

The deacon quickly looked at Yi Tianyun and sneered at him.

I didnt expect that Heavens Top Mansion was capable of such reckless action towards our disciple! The deacon said dramatically.

We dont do anything outside the faction rules. He leaves, so he must abandon his cultivation. If he refuses to do it himself, we will do it for him. Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

He is a member of ours now! You have to get permission from us first! The Deacon said proudly.

Zhang Bin at the side was smirking proudly since Divine Runes Deacon backed him up.

Yes, I no longer have any relation with trash like Heavens Top Mansion! I refuse to do what you said! Zhang Bin said proudly.

As he finished speaking, Yi Tianyun quickly rammed Zhang Bins chest with his palm.

This technique was only eligible for the faction leader which could destroy a disciples cultivation stage.

A faction rules must be followed to a tee. Now, you can have him. Yi Tianyun said indifferently to the Deacon of Divine Runes Mansion.

Oh my god! Deacon! My cultivation is gone! Its all gone! Zhang Bin said to the deacon with teary eyes.

The deacon just stood there dumbfounded, he couldnt react to Yi Tianyuns speed at all!

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