Crazy Leveling System Chapter 234

Chapter 234 I Am Mansion Lord

Chapter 234 I am Mansion Lord!

The faces of some Mansion Lords said it all, they didnt have a good relationship with the Netherworld Empire, but now they have to give a gift for this man!

Mansion Lord, what should we do? We dont have anything worthy to give right now. The Great Elder said nervously to Yi Tianyun.

Its okay, I would think of something when the time comes. Yi Tianyun said casually.

In fact, Yi Tianyun surely had some worthy items in his personal inventory, but he hardly wanted to give it to someone else, let alone to this thick-faced pig!

I hate this situation! I hate myself for being so weak as Im no help to you! The Great Elder said in a sorry expression.

Dont blame yourself for this. I will make him pay for what he deserves! Yi Tianyun said while smirking.

Dont do anything harsh now, Mansion Lord Yi! We dont have any power to fight against the Netherworld Empire right now! The Great Elder said to Yi Tianyun quickly.

He was afraid that Yi Tianyun would involve Heavens Top Mansion in more trouble.

Dont worry, I will not make it that obvious. Yi Tianyun said while looking forward as his moment was about to come.

At the same time, Nan Fengyun was giving his gift to Minister Cheng.

Minister Cheng, this is my gift to you. This is a High-Grade Soul Tools with a 5th Grade Divine Rune embedded in it. The runes added extra sharpness to the weapon! Nan Fengyun said humbly.

Minister Cheng said his thanks and looked at the sword in excitement.

However, even though Nan Fengyun gave the gift willingly, his heart hurt to let go of his beloved weapon.

It seems that Divine Runes Mansion really is a great faction. I will recommend some Spirit Race Rune Master to your faction after this. Minister Cheng said excitedly.

Thank you, Minister Cheng. I will look forward to it. Nan Fengyun said suddenly satisfied by his choice of gift.

If a Spirit Race joined his Mansion, the reputation of Divine Runes Mansion would skyrocket in the future!

After Minister Cheng was done talking with Nan Fengyun, they both looked at the next faction and it was none other than Heavens Top Mansion!

Nan Fengyun looked at Yi Tianyun with disdain and a smirk plastered in his face, while Minister Cheng was looking at him with a frown in his face.

Yi Tianyun didnt seem to lose his composure at this uncomfortable stare and glare those two gave him.

Very bold move here, Heavens Top Mansion! How dare your Mansion Lord to not come to give his respect to Netherworld Empire! Nan Fengyun said challengingly.

Yi Tianyun looked at Nan Fengyun in bored expression.

I dont want to burst your bubble, but I am the Mansion Lord of Heavens Top Mansion! Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Everyone on the courtyard was surprised to hear Yi Tianyuns claim.

They had the same question circulating in their head, how could a young man like Yi Tianyun become a Mansion Lord!

Is this true, Great Elder? Did you back his word? Nan Fengyun said challengingly to the Great Elder.

Yes, this is the truth! He is our new Mansion Lord! The Great Elder said confidently.

This is really something else! A stupid brat becomes a Mansion Lord? How Heavens Top Mansion has fallen! Nan Fengyun said while laughing out loud.

Did anyone care about your opinion? Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

He proceeded to ignore Nan Fengyun, leaving the bitter old man furious.

But he couldnt do anything to Yi Tianyun at this moment, the Minister has already forbidden anyone to start a fight in this courtyard!

Yi Tianyun walked toward Minister Cheng and handed him a beautiful sword.

Minister Cheng, this is a High-Grade Soul Tools I presented as your gift. Yi Tianyun said with a serious tone in his voice.

Yes, this is a wonderful weapon! It is not inferior in terms of quality than the gift from the Divine Rune Mansion earlier. It seems that time has really changed. After all, such a young man like you is already able to become a Mansion Lord! Minister Cheng said excitedly.

Thank you very much for your praise, Minister Cheng! Yi Tianyun said casually.

As he bowed in front of the Minister, Yi Tianyun flicked a little pill towards Minister Cheng quietly.

This pill is the Bad Luck Pill that he got from the roulette earlier. After reading the description, he knew that this pill didnt have to be consumed by his target to activate its effect. It just needed to be in the targets possession!

He was looking forward to the bad luck that would happen to the minister at any second now!

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