Crazy Leveling System Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Arrangement

Chapter 238 Arrangement

Nan Fengyun on the side was a little bit nervous, as that was his sword which cut through the Minister of Netherworld Empires back!

If Minister Cheng wanted it, he could be facing some consequences.

Fortunately, Cheng Feng had a harder life before he became a minister.

So, he didnt hold this against anyone.

He immediately took out the long sword from his back and then quickly consumed a medicinal pill to restore his blood volume as he already lost so much blood.

But this series of bad luck really unnerved him so much so that he decided to meditate and recover on the spot!


Bad Luck Divine Pills effect is over.

At the same time as the notification was sounded, the ring of light around Cheng Feng faded.

Too bad!

Yi Tianyun thought to himself, if the effect lasted more than 5 minutes, Cheng Feng might be dead!

As he didnt seem to encounter any more bad luck, Cheng Feng immediately walked slowly and carefully towards the stair and into the building.

He didnt let anyone come near his proximity.

He even gave the sword that cut his back to one of his guards!

He immediately shouted from the upper stairs, No one speaks about what happened here! Ever! Now, everyone could take a break and rest. The guards will escort you to your designated room. You will stay here for a few days, and the Netherworld Empire would try our best to accommodate your needs!

Everyone looked around in confusion as they didnt know that they have to stay there for a couple of days.

Nan Fengyun however, looked at the sword he gifted to Minister Cheng was now in the hands of a mere guard.

Cheng Feng quickly retreated to his private chamber after his little speech, leaving the guards to accommodate everyone else.

Before leaving towards his room, Nan Fengyun glanced at Yi Tianyun and looked at him with powerful killing intent.

He wanted to hurt Yi Tianyun really bad, but now wasnt the time!

A room was also arranged for Yi Tianyun in the building, but it seemed that Heavens Top Mansion was treated differently as other factions.

They didnt get a VIP room.

Moreover the room that they occupied was a little too small for their need.

Grandfather! They are clearly discriminating against us! We dont get the same treatment as the other factions! How can they do this to us! Mu Xianer said furiously.

This frustration didnt only happen in Mu Xianers mind.

The Great Elder was also thought things in here werent fair. But there was nothing that he could do to make demands toward the Netherworld Empire.

It is clearly not a good thing to attend this dinner. They make fun of us and even demand tribute! But still, they put us in the normal rooms whereas others get the VIP treatment. The Great Elder said while sighing heavily.

It is okay! We dont need their recognition! We are here to simply observe the opponents ability. After we know what theyre planning, we can devise a countermeasure. Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Dont do anything reckless, Mansion Lord Yi. We arent strong enough to hold back the Netherworld Empire just yet! The Great Elder said worriedly.

Relax, I wouldnt do anything that would cause harm to anyone around me. If I do anything, that will be after some thinking. Yi Tianyun said while smiling genuinely towards the Great Elder.

They thought that we have allies somewhere hiding, they dont believe that the death of the shadow guards was my doing! Yi Tianyun said while smiling.

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