Crazy Leveling System Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Suppression

Chapter 24: Suppression

Master Kong approached them. He is seeing Jiu Lingyun with eye full of disgust. Even though shes not smelly at all, due to her status Master Kong is just so disgusted at her.

Then he saw Yi Tianyun who turned out to be the one who brought her along, his eyes turned from disgust into anger: I heard somebody is bringing in a resident from the slums, I didnt expect it to be you! Why are you here?

When he saw Yi Tianyun, he couldnt help but bite his lips, he is once again being reminded of the humiliation he experienced. Being overwhelmed by Yi Tianyun, even though he was treated well anywhere, he cant forget the humiliation.

Something wrong about me being here? Yi Tianyuns eyes are cold, as expected of Master Kong, his blacksmith skill is nothing special, yet he act like boss, he thought Yi Tianyun will back down easily?

Of course! Show these people the exit please, they dont belong here! Master Kong shouted to the guard next to him: And how can a resident of the slums casually come in here like its nothing, how outrageous!, thisll just stain Wind Pavilions reputation!

Sorry, Master Kong, I will drive them out right away! The guards expression suddenly changed, then he coldly said : We have rules here, people in the slums cant enter, please take your leave!

And even though Yi Tianyun is a guest here as well, of course they will favor Master Kong instead of Yi Tianyun..

Yi Tianyun was angry in his heart: Why cant resident from slum enter? My dress code is just fine, cant you let this slide?

Its pointless for her to be here anyway since she doesnt have money, please leave. The guards insisted.

Next to him Jiu Lingyun bite her lips, what she worried the most is not being driven out by others, but to involve Yi Tianyun in this matter as well, shes afraid Yi Tianyun will be humiliated because he brought her here.

I, I will leave right n before Jiu Lingyun finished her sentence, a few pieces of gold fell in her hands, it worth ten of thousand silver.

So how about now? Yi Tianyun said, trying to hold back his anger.

This is When the guard saw those pieces of gold, he was speechless and turned to look at Master Kong.

We dont welcome you here. I dont care how much gold you have. Once a plebeian will always be plebeian. Master Kong keep throwing insult.

Hearing that, Jiu Lingyuns body went limp as if strength has left her body, and her eyes were red and teary. She wanted to say something, but she is afraid of Master Kongs status, so she chose to remain silent.

Yes, she certainly is a plebeian, but theres still something else lower, a beast-like human, compared to that Id say she is way much better. Yi Tianyun smiled at the side, reached out and patted her shoulder, indicating that she should not worry so much.

Who is a beast you say? Master Kong was angry and pointed at Yi Tianyuns face with anger.

I never said its you though, but to think it rubs you the wrong way, maybe you are one then. Yi Tianyun turned to look at the guard, said solemnly: Yes he is a guest, but we are a guest as well, you think you can treat us like this?

I am an honorable guest here, I can drive you out easily! Master Kong said coldly: Send them out!

He ordered the guards to capture them. Although he wanted to settle this with Yi Tianyun, but if he told Shi Xueyun about it he would be in trouble. Yes he is an honorable guest, with quite high status too, but that does not mean he can mess around with Jade Palace!

Its not just a guest, but where is the one in charge here, I have something to tell him! Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Who died and make you the boss? Wanted to meet Pavilion Lord you say? Master Kong sneered, and he was very disdainful.

Whats with the ruckus? At this time a middle-aged man came forward, he moved so elegantly easily earn everyones respect.

Pavilion Lord Liang, you came just right. This kid, not only he has framed me before, and now as if to purposefully spit on my face he brought a resident from the slums here. It makes me uncomfortable, i also feel bad for Wind Pavilion, bringing her here only cause anxiety to the guests! Master Kong said coldly: Please drive this kid out along with that girl from the slum!

Well? Pavilion Lord Liang looked at Yi Tianyun and his companions, his brow wrinkled, just wanted to say something, when he saw An Ling and Qin Xue, he was a bit surprised.

Pavilion Lord Liang, Dont you think your guest is too rude? We are from Jade Palace. We are coming here to do business, arent we considered guests? Qin Xue couldnt help but stand up and give him a piece of her mind.

Master Kongs words are just too harsh, they dont mind it too much, they know thats just how Master Kong is.

It turns out that you are the people of Jade Palace. It is no wonder that the two of you are so temperamental. Pavilion Lord Liang smiled and immediately said to Master Kong, Wherever they are from, they are a customer nonetheless, as long as theyre here to just to do business its all fine right? Money has no fault right?

He cant afford to offend either side. Granted, Master Kong is their honorable guest, but Jade Palace although their influence is not that big, theyre pretty strong. He cant afford to provoke them.

Wind Pavilion has quite an influence as well, but its neutral they specialize in trading, so they cant cause unnecessary troubles.

Pavilion Lord Liang, mark my words. If you insist on welcoming them, then I will be the one leaving! Master Kong was furious, making him choose either one of them.

Pavilion Lord Liang face changed, this is indeed troublesome, but he did not think twice, and immediately said to Yi Tianyun: im really sorry, but ill have to ask you to leave

He speaks politely trying not to provoke them, but the fact that he chose Master Kong over the name Jade Palace infuriated Qin Xue and An Ling, so much that theyre about to withdraw their sword.

In fact, the name of Jade Palace must be louder than Master Kong. That is only a Master Kong is a guest, can help them create a spirit, the meaning is different.

This is unbelievable

Alright whatever, I dont give a damn anymore, you better remember your choice today Pavilion Lord Liang! Yi Tianyun reached out and stopped Qin Xue, indicated that they should act impulsive. Then they immediately leave.

Hey, whats wrong? Where did all your confidence earlier go? Wind Pavilion is my turf dont you dare come back here! Master Kong sense a victory over Tianyun and he cant hide his satisfaction.

Pavilion Lord Liang frowned, and immediately shook his head and said nothing.

When they left, Jiu Lingyun cried, and apologized: Im sorry, its all because of me

I am not blaming you, in fact, Master Kong has a grudge against us, youve done nothing wrong. Yi Tianyun looked around, there is another Pavilion across Wind Pavilion, its not as luxurious as Wind Pavilion, but It ran the same business its called Rain Pavilion.

The two have been in a competitive relationship, but now it is clear that Wind Pavilion is slightly better. They couldnt enter Wind Pavilion, so they went into Rain Pavilion instead.

Lets go to this Pavilion instead, I will make them regret their choice!

Qin Xue and An Ling face each other, do not know what Yi Tianyun plan to do, all they can do is follow him.

When they arrived at the Rain Pavilion, when the shopkeeper welcome them, he instantly took out ten Spirit Tools and said: I will sell these to you, and I need your help! I have a plan!

His eyes lit, his approach is very simple, since Wind Pavilion drive him out, he will request assistance from Rain Pavilion, and take revenge on Wind Pavilion!