Crazy Leveling System Chapter 240

Chapter 240 Assassination

Chapter 240 Assassination

Yi Tianyun couldnt believe a large faction like Netherworld Empire would do something like that to make sure their plan succeeded.

As he listened more to their conversation, the Shadow Guard was getting impatient, he asked Cheng Feng, couldnt they just kill them instead of doing something like this.

Cheng Feng suddenly became angry after hearing the Shadow Guards word.

Did you hear what you just said? Dont you know that we need all the resources we can get our hands on? Even though Heavens Top Mansion is weak, we couldnt just dispose of them like so! We need the Xuan Tian Divine Art! And we also need whoever it is that back then! We need all for the war against the Heavenly Dragon Empire! The Spirit races rebellion is not sorted either, making it harder for us to focus on one problem each time! Cheng Feng said in anger.

What if they resist complying? The Shadow Guard said in a hurry.

Then we kill them! We dont need anything that will not see the future the same as ours! Cheng Feng said coldly.

If you say so, I will go capture some of them! The Shadow Guard said hurriedly as he faded into the shadow.

Yi Tianyun quickly followed this Shadow Guard and quickly killed him as he arrived somewhere remote.


Successfully kill a Shadow Guard!

Reward: 250.000 Exp, 3.200 Crazy Points, 50 Sin Points, Shadow Step Martial Art.

Yi Tianyun quickly stripped the Shadow Guard he killed immediately and use the Shadow Guards clothes to impersonate him. He immediately used the Shadow Step to go back to Cheng Fengs place.

As he entered Cheng Fengs room, Cheng Feng immediately noticed him and asked him why he returned immediately after leaving.

Yi Tianyun was forced to improvise as he didnt expect Cheng Feng to immediately notice him like that.

He observed Cheng Feng with Appraisal Eye to know the extent of Cheng Fengs power.

Name: Cheng Feng

Cultivation: 5th Level Core Transformation

Combat Power: 1.900.000

Martial Arts: Shaking the Heavens Palm, Golden Body Secret Art

Weakness: Wound on the left arm

Yi Tianyun was a little bit shocked to see Cheng Fengs status, even though he didnt use any equipment, his combat power was already that high!

Cheng Feng couldnt be compared to any of his previous enemies!

For the weakness, it seems that the Bad Luck Pill earlier made one for Yi Tianyun now, if that was not the case, Cheng Feng might not have any weakness!

Golden Body Secret Art was a martial art that granted extraordinary defensive power, it could withstand Yi Tianyuns attack for sure!

Whats the matter with you! Why are you just standing there like a twat! Cheng Feng said, losing his patience.

My lord! There is still one important matter that I forgot to say to you earlier! Yi Tianyun said as he lowered his head to show respect.

What is it? Just spit it out! Cheng Feng said impatiently.

Yes, my lord! Yi Tianyun said as he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and walked slowly toward Cheng Feng.

Stop right there! That is close enough! Just throw it to me from there! Cheng Feng said as Yi Tianyun got closer to him.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit ticked by Cheng Fengs paranoia, it seemed that the Bad Luck Pill earlier only hindered his plan to attack right now!

In desperation, Yi Tianyun quickly tossed the piece of paper toward Cheng Feng and as the Paper landed on Cheng Fengs hand, he quickly readied himself to attack with his most powerful attack!

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