Crazy Leveling System Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Sneaking Off

Chapter 243 Sneaking Off

Yi Tianyun activated his strongest defensive ability to hold back the Netherworld Divine Palm!

As the Palm connected, he was thrown and slammed to the wall!

He groaned as he felt the damage from this one.

But, in reality, he forgot how the damage felt, he always remained unscathed in every fight!

Sure, he did receive some damage when he took a direct hit from the Netherworld Divine Palm, sure but, he didnt receive that much damage honestly.

After the last Netherworld Divine Palm, the Netherworld Emperors Shadow finally faded and disappeared.

Yi Tianyun quickly stood back up and checked his injuries, once he was satisfied that he didnt suffer any life-threatening injuries, he started to walk towards Cheng Feng.

This is Xuan Tian Divine Art! You are that man from Heavens Top Mansion! Cheng Feng said nervously.

He immediately recognized the Divine Art as soon as Yi Tianyun used it, it was one of the most beautiful Divine Art he has ever seen!

If it was not for this Divine Art, Netherworld Empire wouldve already destroyed Heavens Top Mansion a long time ago!

You are right! I am from Heavens Top Mansion. Yi Tianyun said while taking off the Hundred Transformation Mask.

You want to imprison our man? What do you think now? Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

Its you! Cheng Feng said surprisingly.

He never expected a young man like Yi Tianyun would outdo him like this, he instantly realized that Yi Tianyun was the one behind all the weird things that happened lately, but it was all too late!

Yi Tianyun drove the Blood Dragons Skeleton Blade into Cheng Fengs Heart!

Killing him immediately!


Successfully kills Cheng Feng of Netherworld Empire!

Reward: 640.000 Exp, 4.500 Crazy Points, 200 Sin Points, Golden Body Secret Art, Netherworld Jade Talisman, X20 Exp Card, Spirit Race Prison Key.


Congratulation to Host, successfully killing an Elite Mob.

Reward: 1x Free Spin on Enhanced Lottery Roulette, 1 Free Level Up.


Congratulation to Host, successfully breakthrough to Spirit Core Peak Stage.

Yi Tianyun was shocked to see all the rewards that he got for killing Cheng Feng, but he also wanted to punch the system for giving him a free level up while he only needed a couple of millions to level up anyway.

Why does it always end up like this! But, Cheng Feng sure gave a nice reward, even though he never tried to attack Yi Tianyun himself and dont even have a weapon, but he surely gave many rare rewards!

Yi Tianyun quickly took off the Storage Ring in Cheng Fengs finger and fled off the scene.

He didnt want to fight with the guard too at the moment.

My Lord! What happens here? The Guards said as they saw the destruction in Cheng Fengs private room.

They quickly searched around for Cheng Feng and finally found Cheng Feng was already lifeless not far from the destroyed room.

They looked at Cheng Fengs body in horror.

They needed to capture the man responsible for doing something like this!

They quickly issued a search order for the entire building, and that also included the guest room!

Yi Tianyun knew that if he didnt get back to his room in time, Heavens Top Mansion would also get in trouble.

He quickly leaped through the roof and stopped on one of the rooms to catch his breath.

As soon as he entered the room, a tender voice quickly asked who is coming to that room in the middle of the night.

Yi Tianyun looked at the source of the voice and saw that a young woman was pointing a sword to him, it was none other than Yu Shiqian!

It seemed that the room Yi Tianyun stumbled upon was Yu Shiqians room!

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