Crazy Leveling System Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Good Thing

Chapter 245 Good Thing!

When the guards already left the room, the Great Elder couldnt hide his curiosity.

He immediately asked Yi Tianyun as to when and how did he come back to his room in such an instant way.

Yi Tianyun immediately answered casually, he didnt reveal his teleporting ability but he explained it so convincingly that the Great Elder didnt question his answer.

What did you just do? The guards are all on edge. The Great Elder asked wonderingly.

I would say you will notice what happened as soon as tomorrow morning. It is better for you to know at the same time as others. Yi Tianyun said casually.

Now, I will rest a little bit. if there is any problem, just wake me up immediately. Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards his bed.

When Yi Tianyun sat near his bed, he immediately meditated. He now had the Spirit Core Stage Level Up card on his hands and he surely wanted to use it now.


Successfully used a level up card!


Congratulation to the Host successfully breakthrough to 1st Level Core Transformation Stage!

Yi Tianyun felt a rush of power in an instant, he immediately knew instinctively that now he could fly with his own power!

The Phoenix Wing would tremendously improve at this point!

He immediately checked his status and checked his current combat power. He was surprised to see that his combat power rose into 800.000!

With the Crazy Mode x8 it would be 6.400.000!

The Crazy Mode would be a game-changer for sure!

That was without equipping his weapon and activating the buff from his other ability, if push came to shove, his combat power would be roughly at 8 to 9 million!

After such a surprising revelation, he decided to open the level 40 gift pack. The gift pack has given him many good things every time.


Successfully opened Level 40 Gift Pack!

Get x30 Exp Card, x5 Mastery Card, x5 Crazy Points Card, x2 Sin Points Card, Level 50 Gift Pack.

Successfully learn Pet Capture Basic Level Proficiency!

Yi Tianyun was happy to see that he had a lot of enhancing card now and also, he now had the ability to tame pet! He could try to tame any beast that he wanted now without finding any special circumstance.

It never disappoints me, really! This gift pack always gives me what I currently need the most! Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

After opening the Gift Pack, he felt that he was a bit lucky so he immediately opened the enhanced lottery roulette and activated his Luck Aura.

He immediately spun the wheel and soon enough the pointer stopped on the Weapon section.

This was the first time that he got a weapon from Enhanced Lottery Roulette, he wondered what he will get.

As he wondered, a Jade Box fell from the roulette, he immediately opened the box and a weapon quickly appeared in front of him.

High Grade Soul Tool: Cold Ice Divine Bow(Upgradeable)

Effect: Releases a frozen arrow that could freeze enemy on impact

Special Effect: Consumes 5.000 Crazy Points to enhance the next arrow with 2x Power, 2x Speed, 2x Range

Yi Tianyun was really excited to see the effect of the bow, with that weapon on his hands, it would cover one of his weaknesses which was having no long-range combat capabilities!

Mu Xianer and Great Elder were all confused to see Yi Tianyun all excited and even talked to himself. They began to wonder what happened to Yi Tianyun when he went outside.

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