Crazy Leveling System Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Killing Intent From All Directions

Chapter 250 Killing Intent From All Directions


Successfully kills Nan Fengyun!

Reward: 2.500.000 Exp, 22.000 CPs, 200 SPs, 5.000 Divine Rune MP, Afterimage Step Martial Art, Spirit Breaking Finger Technique, Item Spirit Stroke (High Grade Divine Tool), Tyrant Rune Paper (Rare), Extra Damage Divine Rune (5th Grade Divine Rune).

Yi Tianyun was happy to see the amount of Exp he got from killing Nan Fengyun.

As he knew that he would need to kill a lot of enemies here, he used the X30 Exp Card and X20 Exp Card in addition to his X8 Exp from his Crazy Mode.

In fact, he also used the X5 Mastery Card and X2 Sin Card.

He would make sure to kill those people to his heart content.

Everyone in the area was shocked to see Yi Tianyun killed Nan Fengyun so easily!

They thought that Yi Tianyun was at Spirit Core Peak Stage Cultivation, but now it seemed that Yi Tianyun was a Core Transformation Cultivator!

Everyone was looking at Yi Tianyun in disbelief, how can a teenage boy achieve this high leveled cultivation?

This was totally unprecedented!

Great Elder and Mu Xianer were also shocked seeing their Mansion Lord was that strong.

They have prepared to fight as they thought that Yi Tianyun wouldnt be able to save them with those many enemies, but it seemed that they were wrong once again.

Yi Tianyun turned his attention towards the other Mansion Lord in the area and quickly flashed over and killed them with a powerful kick.


Successfully killed Flowing Wind Mansion Lord!

Reward: 2.300.000 Exp, 21.000 CPs, 200 SPs, Heavenly Tyrant Palm, Afterimage Sword Technique.


Successfully killed Imperial Wind Mansion Lord!

Reward: 2.400.000 Exp, 22.000 CPs, 200 SPs, . . .

Good God!

This power was merely above 5th Layer Core Transformation Stage Cultivation!

The rest of them think.

The rest of the Mansion Lord looked at Yi Tianyun with fear, they will not be able to injure Yi Tianyun as they were considerably weaker than Nan Fengyun!

Many of them immediately thought of running away from Yi Tianyun, they didnt care about Lin Hao anymore, as at that moment, Yi Tianyun was scarier than Lin Hao.

Yi Tianyun sighed and immediately killed those who ran away first.

He will not let any of them go, especially after activating that many boosting cards!

As Yi Tianyun walked away from the Great Elder and Mu Xianer, the rest of the Mansion Lords thought of using them as a hostage, and therefore immediately rushed toward them.

Seeing so many Mansion Lords rushed towards him and Mu Xianer, the Great Elder immediately prepared himself to battle!

He was ready to burn his Blood Essence to increase his power to protect Mu Xianer and relieved some burden from his Mansion Lord!

Dont be a fool! Like Ill let you do that! Yi Tianyun said as he used the Blast Divine Pills to increase his speed to save the Great Elder and Mu Xianer.

After using the Blast Divine Pill, Yi Tianyuns speed was instantly doubled!

He immediately crossed the field in a blink of an eye and killed the Mansion Lord who was threatening the Great Elder and Mu Xianers life.

Minister Lin Hao looked at Yi Tianyun with great disbelief in his eyes.

There was no way a 17-year-old boy could have that level of power!

The speed Yi Tianyun showed throughout the fight was even more terrifying, with that kind of power Yi Tianyun could even kill Cheng Feng!

Are you the one who killed Cheng Feng? Lin Hao asked as he saw Yi Tianyun was capable of doing that.

Wow, you guess it far too late! Yes! Yes, I was! What are you gonna do about it? Yi Tianyun said challengingly.

Yi Tianyun immediately summoned the Black Dragon and used its giant body to block the exit!

Yi Tianyun immediately ordered the Black Dragon to burn every enemy who ran away immediately.

There is no need for you to do anything anymore, Minister Lin Hao. You will die here today! And no one else can save you! Yi Tianyun said coldly.

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