Crazy Leveling System Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Exploded

Chapter 251 Exploded

The Black Dragon surprised everyone, Mu Xianer has heard once that a man with a Black Dragon saved Yang Xixue when she was in the sea but she didnt recognize Yi Tianyun when she saw him in the Mansion.

She also thought of the man with a Black Dragon who slaughtered the entire Wang Family, was Yi Tianyun the same person as any of that man?

She began to wonder.

When they were still shocked by the appearance of the Black Dragon, The Black Dragon has already begun attacking anyone trying to escape.

It spouted intense flame from its mouth and clawing anyone close enough!


Successfully killed Flowing Wind Mansions Deacon!

Reward: 690.000 Exp, 1.400 CPs, 50 SPs.


Successfully . . .

The Black Dragon kept attacking and killing anyone close enough to the exit, it was highly unfair for those who wished to escape.

The Black Dragon had a thick scale that could nullify most damage, and with the Black Dragon already reaching 6th Layer of Spirit Core Stage, those people who thought of running away wouldnt have any power to deal any damage to it!

Yi Tianyun, on the other hand, kept killing everyone who still believed that they had a shot at catching Yi Tianyun off guard.

They would surely realize that they were mistaken as Yi Tianyuns blade ripped open their stomach or throat!

You will not see the light of day again! Lin Hao roared as he crushed the Jade Emblem on his hand.

The Shadow of the Netherworld Empire appeared immediately, making everyone surprised once again.

Many Mansion Lord and Deacon sighed in relief after seeing the Shadow of the Emperor.

They thought with the mighty shadow at their side Yi Tianyun will finally die!

Yi Tianyun looked at the shadow indifferently.

He already guessed that Lin Hao as one of the Netherworld Empire Ministers would have something like this.

The shadow used its primary attack, Netherworld Divine Palm!

It was so huge that it covered the entire place, seeing that they had nowhere to run, the Great Elder and Mu Xianer quickly ran towards Yi Tianyun while the other Mansion Lord and Deacon begged for Lin Hao to save them.

Stop begging for mercy, you are a bunch of thrashes anyway! Lin Hao said coldly.

Lin Hao turned his attention back to Yi Tianyun, he was a little bit conflicted to see Yi Tianyun didnt show any emotion that he wanted to see.

Was Yi Tianyun really that powerful?

Could Yi Tianyun actually block the Netherworld Divine Palm?

That question popped out in Minister Lin Haos mind.

Yi Tianyun quickly activated the Dragon God Bloodline and Xuan Tian Divine Art immediately, covering his body with a dragon scale and light blue crystal.

In addition to those two abilities, he also activated the Golden Body Secret Art he got from Cheng Feng to enhance his defensive capabilities.

That was his most powerful defense ability for now.

He used that ability instead of teleportation or the Shadow Cloak so that he could protect the Great Elder and Mu Xianer who were relying on him.

As the Netherworld Divine Palm descended from the sky, Yi Tianyun quickly leaped off to receive the attack head-on!

The attack reached Yi Tianyun faster and suddenly exploded!

After the explosion, everybody was shocked beyond belief!

They saw Yi Tianyun on the ground unscathed!

Lin Hao was pale.

He couldnt believe that Yi Tianyun was capable of blocking the Emperors strongest attack!

Meanwhile, the Emperors Shadow repeated his attack.

Seeing that the emperor shadow wouldnt stop until the duration ran out, Yi Tianyun immediately rushed toward the Emperors Shadow and quickly punched the shadow as hard as he could.

His action immediately paid off, as the Emperors Shadow was instantly busted and disappeared!

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