Crazy Leveling System Chapter 252

Chapter 252 12 Millions

Chapter 252 12 Millions

While he could destroy the shadow, it didnt mean that Yi Tianyun was more powerful than the Emperor himself!

This shadow didnt have any equipment or anything of the sort.

So, the shadow was far weaker than the actual Emperor!

But that was all Yi Tianyun currently needed to turn the tide!

He knew Lin Hao would be devastated to see the Emperors Shadow being destroyed that easily!

How could this happen! Lin Hao said as he looked at Yi Tianyun with disbelief.

He quickly snapped out of his trance as he saw Yi Tianyun quickly rushing towards him.

Lin Hao quickly pulled out another jade emblem from his storage ring, but Yi Tianyun was far quicker than him.

Yi Tianyun immediately sliced the jade emblem into two with the Sword of Endlessness.

The jade emblem immediately shone bright and then fell to the ground like a piece of crap.

Seeing that he had no other ways to defend himself from Yi Tianyun, Lin Hao immediately took a pill, which will burn his Blood Essence momentarily to achieve a huge boost of fighting power.

He also took out a high-level weapon to fight Yi Tianyun with.

Yi Tianyun used his appraisal eye to see Lin Haos combat power and his weapon.

He noticed that Lin Hao combat power has risen to 6 million and that the weapon that he held was Heaven Level Weapon!

Lin Hao has achieved such a strong state of power only by eating a medicinal pill!

Yi Tianyun smirked after seeing this information!

With the way he was then, he was more powerful than Lin Hao!

Furthermore, enhancing the combat power like that wouldnt be good for Lin Hao anyway, there will be a side effect of enhancing power like that!

But he shouldnt worry about Lin Hao as he would kill Lin Hao soon anyway.

Lin Hao has put his confidence in his combat power, he already burned his Blood Essence for that, so there was no way Yi Tianyun would be able to defeat him now!

But seeing Yi Tianyun smirking, his confidence quickly took another hit. was he really capable of defeating Yi Tianyun?

The question constantly haunted him.

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He quickly shook his head to snap him out of the unnecessary thought and immediately shouted that he would kill Yi Tianyun even if that was the last thing he will do!

Lin Hao ignored the existence of Xuan Tian Divine Art completely, now he only wanted to kill Yi Tianyun!

He didnt need the Divine Arts if he had to die!

Lin Hao quickly rushed towards Yi Tianyun with all his might, releasing a powerful aura in his wake.

Lin Hao released a Mad Dragon Technique that he had, covering his body in an emerald Dragon Scale.

This state was foully similar to Yi Tianyuns Dragon God Bloodline Technique!

He immediately raised his Heaven Grade Weapon to strike Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun also lifted his Sword of Endlessness after activating his Luck Aura and clashed it with Lin Haos weapon!

Sword of Endlessness immediately turned red as it struck Lin Haos Weapon.

With the help of Luck Aura and his Prestige Point, the Sword of Endlessness effect was successfully activated, doubling his combat power once more!

After the Sword of Endlessness effect activated, Yi Tianyuns combat power raised once more to 12 million!

With that much raw power, Sword of Endlessness shattered Lin Haos Heaven Grade Weapon, the impact from the attack made its way to Lin Haos arm, numbing his arm completely!

At the same time, the Sword of Endlessness was also destroyed!

It seemed that it couldnt withstand the amount of raw power within that attack.

Unfortunately, our weapons couldnt withstand that simple attack! Now, should we fight with our bare hands? Yi Tianyun said casually to Lin Hao.

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