Crazy Leveling System Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Dunning

Chapter 255 Dunning

At the time the situation on Gathering Dragons City has reached the Netherworld Empire, a man was currently walking back and forth, contemplating the possibility of a war!

But the thing was, he didnt know who waged war at Netherworld Empire.

He only knew that two of Netherworld Empires minister and the palace at Gathering Dragons City were burned to the ground without a clue of whom the perpetrator was.

Reporting in, Lord Yue! We didnt find any clue at the castle, we couldnt even find an eyewitness. All that we know now is that the flame used to burn the castle was not an ordinary flame. The man said to Lord Yue in cold sweat.

Go through the investigation one more time! I need the result tomorrow! Lord Yue said coldly.

Lord Yue immediately released his aura, intimidating the man who reported the current situation to him.

The man immediately said that the Heavenly Dragon Empire or a Spirit Race insurgent might be bold enough to do something like this.

Lord Yue, who was contemplating the possibility, was also thinking the same thing as the man.

Now that I think about it, it kind of makes sense, I feel that the Spirit Race have something to do with this. Lord Yue said as he kept thinking of any other possibility.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun had sneaked the Great Elder and Mu Xianer back to Heavens Top Mansion.

Yi Tianyun didnt trust most of the Heavens Top Mansions disciple yet, so they need to lay low and hide from any suspecting eyes.

Yi Tianyun knew that for now, he wont be able to fight head to head against Netherworld Empire.

He needed to increase the power of both Heavens Top Mansion and Heavenly Jade Sect to have any chance to fight with the Netherworld Empire.

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Yi Tianyun only wondered, how strong a Void Spirit Cultivator could be.

He was very sure even without any additional equipment, a Void Spirit Cultivator would easily reach 6 million raw combat power.

After returning to Heavens Top Mansion, Yi Tianyun quickly observed the situation inside the Heavens Top Mansion.

He knew that most disciples werent trustworthy enough to be given any of the Mansions resources.

So, he needed to cut out the roots of the problem within first.

While thinking of a plan, the Great Elder immediately asked Yi Tianyun was he really the one who saved Yang Xixue from the group of pirates once?

Which Yi Tianyun claimed to be true without too much thought.

The Great Elder was kind of confused and then asked the next question of why Yang Xixue didnt recognize Yi Tianyun when she met Yi Tianyun earlier, which led Yi Tianyun to convey the existence of the Hundred Transformation Mask to the Great Elder.

The Great Elder and Mu Xianer were immediately shocked by Yi Tianyuns mask.

They now understood that was why Yi Tianyun was able to get around without any trouble following him.

I really thought that there was someone out there who has the kind heart to help us in our misfortune, but it turns out that the one who continuously saving us is none other than Lord Yi himself! The Great Elder said while looking at Yi Tianyun in awe.

Hey, it is fine, Great Elder. Im just doing it because Yang Xixue clearly needs it, there is no reason not to help others when they are in need. Yi Tianyun said while smiling lightly.

When he was still talking, suddenly, a guard came in a hurry toward Yi Tianyun.

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Mansion Lord, Divine Rune Mansion has come looking for trouble! The Guard said nervously.

After hearing the guards word, Yi Tianyun felt a little relieved.

With Divine Rune Mansion asking for trouble like this, he didnt have to find any reason to justify his action to obliterate Divine Runes Mansion.

Okay. Lets see what they want now. Yi Tianyun said as he started to walk out of the room.

Outside, Yi Tianyun who already used his Hundred Transformation Mask was immediately stopped by the deacon.

Young man, stop! They are here to make trouble. You will be beaten to death if you go there. The Deacon said worriedly.

Let him go, he will be the one to solve this problem. The Great Elder said to the deacon.

A garbage sect actually dares to kill our young master! We will crush you now! One of the people from the Divine Runes Mansion said smugly.

Crush us? Did you hear yourself? You are a traitor who sells your own faction and stands with Divine Rune Mansion! Yang Yu said as he was among the ones in the frontline.

Yang Yu, you better go along now. I dont want a kid from a big family die for this garbage faction. The traitor said to Yang Yu.

Yang Yus face was red in anger hearing the traitors word, as he wanted to attack the traitor, Yi Tianyun came from behind while calling Yang Yu brother.

Yang Yu was a little bit perplexed to see a complete stranger calling him a brother, but he let it slide for the time being.

Yi Tianyun took the front line as he walked closer to the Divine Runes Mansion.

Yi Tianyun looked at them one by one and saw that several of them were Heavens Top Mansions disciple.

It was clear that they were traitors!

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