Crazy Leveling System Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Thanks

Chapter 258 Thanks

Yi Tianyun summoned the Black Dragon and quickly flew toward the Divine Rune Mansion.

He already made up his mind to finish the entire Divine Rune Mansion!


Successfully took the [Destroys Divine Rune Mansion!] Quest!

Completion reward: 10.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, Tyrant Rune Paper, Enhanced Roulette lottery ticket, 100 Prestige Point.

Yi Tianyun immediately felt more justified to destroy the Divine Rune Mansion, even the system was on his side!

Meanwhile, Divine Rune Mansions disciples who werent invited to join the elder to march toward Heavens Top Mansion was in deep conversation on how much resources would the elder brought back from Heavens Top Mansion.

They were busy mocking Heavens Top Mansion as they thought that their elder would easily get what they wanted from a useless faction like Heavens Top Mansion!

Suddenly, a big Black Dragon descended from the sky in the middle of the Divine Rune Mansions courtyard, shocking everyone.

Some of them panicked seeing a Divine Beast was suddenly in their courtyard.

They became even more panic as they saw someone was riding the dragon!

Someone with a Divine Dragon as their ride will definitely be someone who should be feared!

Yi Tianyun quickly ordered his Black Dragon to burn any Divine Rune Mansions people that it could see.

Black Dragon immediately did so as Yi Tianyun shouted that there would be no more Divine Rune Mansion after that night!

Black Dragon quickly burned all the houses and people that caught its attention, wreaking havoc.

Who are you? How dare you destroy our Divine Rune Mansion! Several elders asked as they came running toward Yi Tianyun.

My identity doesnt matter! All you need to know is that I am here to kill you! Yi Tianyun said while giving an evil grin.

Yi Tianyun quickly ordered the Black Dragon to kill the elder who approached him.

The Black Dragon quickly swooped in from above and burned the elder and sliced them with its claw!

The elder of Divine Rune Mansion couldnt defend themselves from the dragons attack, they couldnt even outrun it!


Successfully killed Divine Rune Mansion Elder!

Reward: 270.000 Exp, 3.300 CPs, 100 SPs, 500 Divine Rune MPs, Moon Fall Palm Martial Art, Divine Rune Paper, Heavenly Feather Stroke.

This notification kept ringing several times in Yi Tianyuns head.

The only thing that mattered to Yi Tianyun from those notifications was that the Sin Points that he got from all those elders were not bad!

That meant those people already did so many despicable things throughout their lives!

It was time for them to atone for their mistake and gave Yi Tianyun some Sin Points.

He immediately bought the X5 Mastery Point and X2 Sin Point from the shop, he immediately activated them as to not lose any more valuable points because the Black Dragon was still killing people!

He immediately saw the Black Dragon swooped in from above and killed another elder.


Successfully killed Divine Rune Mansion Elder!

Reward: 1.200.000 Exp, 165.000 CPs, 200 SPs, 2.500 Divine Rune MPs, . . ..

He was satisfied seeing the amount of mastery and sin that he got.

He also enhanced the amount of exp that he got from the Crazy Mode.

Soon enough he will level up his Divine Rune Mastery into Master Level from killing all those scrub!

Yi Tianyun saw one elder wanted to escape from the Mansion, seeing that fool trying to save his sinful life, Yi Tianyun immediately equipped his Ice-Cold Divine Bow and immediately shot the running elder, immediately killing him on the spot!

When he continuously killed the Divine Rune Mansions People, a black cloud was forming on top of him.

He was confused to see those clouds formation at first, but he immediately knew that the cloud was formed by an array!

It seemed that he stepped into a trap right then.

As the lightning struck Yi Tianyun, the rest of the Divine Rune Mansions people cheered.

They thought that with the thunder strike array Yi Tianyun will be toasted!

As the light from the thunder dissipated, they were shocked to see Yi Tianyun was still standing there completely unharmed!

Wow, thanks for the food! Thats quite a lot of spiritual energy! Good exp for me! Yi Tianyun said while giving another evil grin.

Yi Tianyun absorbed the spiritual energy that formed the thunder with his Absorbing Star Great Technique!

Yi Tianyun was satisfied to see that he found another source of exp!

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