Crazy Leveling System Chapter 263

Chapter 263 20 Millions

Chapter 263 20 Millions!

I dont care who you are or where you from! You will atone your sin for killing Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder by dying in my hands! Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant bellowed as he released his aura, and his combat power was multiplied by 3.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit uneasy with his sudden increase in combat power.

Well, say no more! I will be the one destroying this corrupted Mansion to the ground! Yi Tianyun said confidently while once again taking out the Heaven Holding Giant Sword!

We will see at the very end, who will prevail and who will be six feet under! Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant said furiously.

He concentrated a huge amount of his Spiritual Energy into the tip of his spear and legs.

He suddenly rushed over to Yi Tianyun like a thunderstrike while pointing the tip of his spear to Yi Tianyuns head!

Yi Tianyun didnt want to defend the old mans attack passively.

Therefore he rushed forward using the Thunder Sound Flash that he got from killing Old Ancestor heavenly Thunder earlier.

He immediately blocked off the old mans attack with the Heaven Holding Giant Sword.

But doing so, made the Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant angrier!

He immediately fenced another stab to Yi Tianyuns direction!

Which Yi Tianyun blocked off with all his strength!

With a loud thundering sound from the clashing weapon, Yi Tianyun built up his Combo Star effect to increase his probability of winning against Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant!

Feeling frustrated that all his attack was blocked, Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant concentrated his spiritual power on his hands.

With tremendous strength, the old man swung his spear to Yi Tianyuns sword, immediately blew Yi Tianyun to the side!

Yi Tianyuns combo star didnt have any effect on the old mans attack, as the attack still blew him away.

At the same time, Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant also took out his Thunder Gods Gun and immediately shot out a Thunder Dragons Bullet which pierced through Yi Tianyuns defense!

The Heaven Holding Divine Armor effect activated instantly, negating the damage from the bullet!

What? Why is the bullet fended off like nothing just now? What have you done kid? Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant said coldly.

Yi Tianyun smiled, using the fact that Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant was shocked due to his attack being nullified, he immediately flashed to the old mans spot and immediately swung the Heaven Holding Giant Sword to the old mans direction!

Yi Tianyun relentlessly struck the old mans spear with his sword, increasing his combat power closer to the old mans combat power.

At the same time, everyone who watched the fight was shocked to see that their strongest Old Ancestor was being fended off by a much younger man!

Blow after blow, Yi Tianyun noticed that his attack finally had an effect on the old man, he clearly saw that the old mans hand began to tremble from constantly blocking Yi Tianyuns attack.

This numbness on his hand made Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant a little bit panicked, he for a second thought that Yi Tianyun might beat him!

Having enough of Yi Tianyun, the old man immediately activated all the Divine Rune in his body, raising his combat power exponentially.

Yi Tianyun knew that was a desperate move from the old man.

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant burned his own Blood Essence knowing that he couldnt beat Yi Tianyun with his normal power.

You have pulled my last straw kid! I admit that you are strong. You will definitely become a powerful figure in the future! But it will not happen as you will be dead right here, right now! Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant said coldly.

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After burning his Blood Essence, his combat power reached 20 Million!

Yi Tianyun felt great pressure from that old man.

Unlike any previous fight he has engaged so far, the power gap at the moment was too far apart!

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