Crazy Leveling System Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Changing Constantly

Chapter 266 Changing Constantly

Yi Tianyun quickly struck the dying Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant with his Heaven Holding Giant Sword, while the old man could only watch as his life ended right before his eyes.


Successfully killed Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant!

Reward: 3.000.000 Exp, 60.000 CPs, 1.000 SPs, 10.000 Divine Rune MPs, Thunder Sound Flash Martial Art, Heavenly Thunder Art, Thunder God Spear, Heavenly Thunder Armour, Heavenly Thunder Leg Guard, Thunder God Divine Rune.


Successfully killed an elite enemy!

Reward: 50.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 1.000 SPs, 5.000 Divine Rune MPs.


Congratulation to the Host for successfully breakthrough to Core Transformation.

Yi Tianyun was excited to see that he finally leveled up!

He could level up by killing a strong opponent, especially the so-called elite enemy.

But he still thought that it took to long to level up!

He needed to level up faster, as his enemies have become more powerful.

Otherwise he would die a horrible death.

Yi Tianyun signaled the Black Dragon to wrap it up, as he wanted to leave that place quickly.

The Black Dragon burned everything faster and also chased several escaping enemies.

The enemy couldnt escape Black Dragon, even if the Black Dragon has a huge body, it was abnormally quick!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun was collecting all the treasures and resources that he could find throughout the place!

There was no doubt in his mind that once it was over, the news will spread like crazy!

The Divine Rune Mansion was in the middle of influences throughout the continent, everyone will be curious how could a faction like that be destroyed overnight!

He made sure that the Black Dragon and the talisman that summoned the Netherworld Emperors Shadow earlier were seen by so many people in order to mislead them into thinking that the one behind everything was Netherworld Empire.

At the Star Pavilion, they all heard the news with an unreadable face.

They knew that Wang Family, which was a part of their Pavilion was annihilated by the same Black Dragon who destroyed the Divine Rune Mansion.

It was clear that whoever was controlling this Black Dragon would be really strong!

And thanks to Yi Tianyun, Netherworld Empire became more well known than before in various ways, many people wanted to know why the empire struck such a faction.

The Netherworld Empire immediately made a clear statement, saying that they werent the ones behind the attack of the Divine Rune Mansion or Wang Family as they didnt have any reason to do that.

They dont know how the assailant got his hand on the amulet not to mention, he was also capable of using it without the emperors knowledge.

Pavilion Lord Li sighed as he still didnt have any lead about the Wang Family Incident.

All he knew was maybe Wang Family has provoked the young expert about something that and ended up annihilated due to his own wrongdoing.

At the same time, the Netherworld Emperor sat at his chair, looking annoyed as hell.

It was clear that the problem was completely out of control.

He ordered his people to find out anything about that Young Expert with a Black Dragon.

He put a little pressure on his order to make sure they carried out his order as soon as possible!

As his people left the hall, the Emperor punched his chair in annoyance.

After a while, some of his men returned to give some information.

They said that the Black Dragon already showed up from the destruction of Profound Azure Mansion.

But they never followed it through as Profound Azure Mansion was a weak faction.

They said that they will report back as soon as they knew some other information about the assailant!

The Emperor roared that if within a month there was still no news about the assailant, they will be punished for their incompetence!

The Netherworld Empires scout immediately left the palace with chills ran in their spine. They needed to carry out that order quickly!

On the other side, Heavens Top Mansion was shocked to hear the news!

A young man riding a Black Dragon has leveled Divine Rune Mansion to the ground!

Some of the higher-ups, like the Great Elder and the previous Mansion Lord of Heavens Top Mansion, knew that the young man mentioned in the news was none other than Yi Tianyun, their current Mansion Lord!

They wondered between themselves on how strong Yi Tianyun really was.

They immediately knew not to brag about this nor tell anyone who wasnt in their circle.

They knew if that information was leaked, Heavens Top Mansion could be in danger.

Yi Tianyun didnt really care, either way, he used another identity while destroying the Divine Rune Mansion anyway.

None of the evidence will point back to him!

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