Crazy Leveling System Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Qualification

Chapter 272 Qualification

Yi Tianyun was interested in that title; with that title, he could make all his speech more convincing to the ear of the audience.

It was normal to have someone with a high commanding skill to take charge.

That commanding point worked precisely like that.

He basically could influence others with little to no effort.

After finishing another cultivation hall, Yi Tianyun went to the Flight Great Array. He immediately fixed the array thoroughly.

After several hours, Yi Tianyun finally fixed all outer Divine Rune around Flight Great Array.

Next, he needed to fix the Divine Rune Inside the room, he finally noticed of six crevices that seemed to be used to hold something.

After some investigation, Yi Tianyun knew that he needed to put six huge Jade Spirit Stone in the respective crevices.

This Jade Spirit Stone seemed to be some sort of energy source for the Flight Great Array. He knew that the amount of Jade Spirit Stone would be expensive, but at least it was not impossible to find. He knew that Star Pavilion would have them in their storage to sell.

Without further ado, he started fixing every single Divine Rune inside the Flight Great Array. At the same time, Old Xuan came to Yi Tianyuns side.

Master, you want to fix this Flight Great Array? Old Xuan asked curiously.

Yes, I know that this array required a different master leveled Divine Rune Master. But I am confident that I have achieved just that. Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Old Xuan was surprised that Yi Tianyun was already able to fix the Flight Great Array. He stepped aside to let Yi Tianyun focused on fixing the Divine Rune.

Yi Tianyun immediately activated his Heavenly Eyes, allowing him to see the flow of Divine Rune very clearly. He fixed the Flight Great Array with amazing speed.

Old Xuan, on the side, was horrified by Yi Tianyuns ability. He was already a Master tier Divine Rune Master at such a young age!

Several days had passed, and Yi Tianyun finally fixed all Divine Rune on the Flight Great Array. Yi Tianyun finally breathed in relief; it was a huge task to fix that Great Array by himself.

Now, the Flight Great Array glowed gloriously, which looked really different from before it was fixed.

Master, you actually fixed them all! Old Xuan said with a shocked look on his face.

What? Do you think I would lie for this? Yi Tianyun said while rolling his eyes.


Successfully repaired all the Array on Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins!


Reward: 1.000.000 Exp, 10.000 Divine Rune MPs.


Successfully completed the first stage of the main quest [Promote Heavenly Jade Palace into Heavenly Jade Mansion and Move to Heavenly Border Continent!]

Next Stage quest progress: Spirit Core Cultivator 1/5, Core Condensation Cultivator 6/50, Spirit Refinement Cultivator 80/600.

As the host has reached a Core Transformation stage, the quest requirement has been halved!

Next Stage progress: Spirit Core Cultivator 1/3, Core Condensation Cultivator 6/25, Spirit Refinement Cultivator 80/300!

He was a little bit startled to see that the requirement of the next stage has been halved because of his Cultivation level. He now had to think of a way to speed up others cultivation. He was thinking of a way to transfer the disciples needed from Heavens Top Mansion to Heavenly Jade Sect for the sake of finishing that quest!

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