Crazy Leveling System Chapter 279

Chapter 279

Chapter 279

Yi Tianyun has finished all the transactions related to the auction as he already had his Spirit Congealing Pills and the Jade Spirit Stones. He wanted to get back immediately to immediately refine many more Spirit Congealing Pills to create more Core Condensation Stage disciples.

Young Master, that Heavenly Spirit Treasure, you have no interest? Li Ya asked curiously.

I dont have much interest in this kind of treasure. He answered that the item was little to no use for him as he smiled not to disappoint Li Ya.

Well, no matter what, this cooperation is enjoyable. Li Ya smiled and said, Is Young Master want to stay for a while in Star Pavilion?

Li Ya already prepared a private room that Yi Tianyun could use while he stayed in Star Pavilion.

Miss Li, why are you became so kind to me all of a sudden? Yi Tianyun wondered.

Li Ya immediately answered it was because Yi Tianyun provoked the Netherworld Empire earlier by not losing on purpose while bidding the Jade Spirit Stone, she was afraid that Li Hao would do something outrageous to Yi Tianyun on his way back.

Yi Tianyun nodded and let Li Ya know that there was nothing to worry about; he will take care of himself if the situation called for it.

Yi Tianyun smiled after rejecting Li Yas offer and left the Auction Building premise.

Li Ya saw that Li Hao amicably followed Yi Tianyun with a smirk on his face while also keeping a little distance away.

Li Ya was still worried even with Yi Tianyuns assurance that he will be fine; she didnt know that Yi Tianyun, in fact, wanted Li Hao to follow him so that Yi Tianyun could replenish some Soul Tools that he used to bid earlier.

When he walked toward the gate, an ordinary looking woman stopped him. He was a little surprised to see the woman stopped him like that, he knew that woman was one of the bidders for the Jade Spirit Stone in another VIP room earlier. He asked was there anything that the woman wanted from him.

Yi Tianyun also looked at the womans stat through his Appraisal Eye, and he was quite surprised to see that the woman was full of spirit related items!

Yi Tianyun was curious after seeing that, he immediately speculated that the woman was from the Spirit Clan! He couldnt help but wonder how Xiao Qingxuan was doing right now.

Can I buy your two Jade Spirit Stone? The woman said.

Yi Tianyun noticed that the woman didnt harbor any ill intent towards him, and her tone was gentle leading him to the conclusion that the woman wasnt someone from the Spirit Races Traitor!

Knowing that little bit of information, Yi Tianyun decided to test it. He asked for what can the lady offer for his Jade Spirit Stone, Oh, what do you have?

I can engrave 5th Grade Divine Rune for you.

Yi Tianyun knew immediately that his assumption was spot on; she proved that she was at least a 5th Grade Divine Rune Master, and in this world, only Spirit Race could reach 5th Grade Divine Rune Master in such a young age.

Are you really sure only need two?

Yes, I only need two of them. How is it? I can give you an additional Soul Tool if you want.

Yi Tianyun didnt see any loss on doing so while he only needed 4 of them, and there were 6 in total that he won earlier.

Okay, but I dont need your things. Give me information.

The woman took interest immediately, What is it?

Yi Tianyun immediately said, What is the current situation in Spirit Race?

After hearing Yi Tianyuns request, the woman froze! She will not be willing to sell out her own people for something like that; she didnt know Yi Tianyun and, therefore, couldnt trust him!

This Young Master I dont know anything about Spirit Race.

Yi Tianyun understood her unwillingness to sell out her people to some stranger.

It seems that you are not willing to say something. Yi Tianyun smiled lightly, In fact, I have a friend in Spirit Race, just want to find out the news, dont so nervous. Since you do not want to say, I will not force you.

Then give me your Storage Ring.

The woman was surprised to hear Yi Tianyun asking for her Storage Ring and immediately did as Yi Tianyun asked.

Yi Tianyun transferred two of the six Jade Spirit Stones to the womans storage ring and gave it back to the woman.


She was surprised to see two of the large Jade Spirit Stones were already inside of her storage.

Without thinking, the woman handed another storage ring to Yi Tianyun, This for payment. I dont want to be indebted to anyone.

She immediately left as she really had some urgent matter that she needed to resolve.

Yi Tianyun checked for the content of the Storage Ring and see that it was full of Soul Tools and Divine Rune engraving.

The total value of the items inside the ring was more than the value of the two Jade Spirit Stone that Yi Tianyun has given the woman!

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