Crazy Leveling System Chapter 282

Chapter 282

Chapter 282

Yi Tianyuns overbearing power really shocked the lady and Li Ya, who was secretly watching the fight from afar.

They also had a feeling that Yi Tianyun wasnt afraid of angering Netherworld Empire.

They know that killing Netherworld Empire Chief Divine Rune Master would cause some disturbance on the Netherworld Empire authority and, therefore, will cause unnecessary trouble.

Li Ya saw Yi Tianyun in a different light now.

She didnt expect Yi Tianyun to be that powerful, but she couldnt invite Yi Tianyun to join after all that, as she knew that if what happened there was leaked to Netherworld Empire, Star Pavilion will be in trouble.

She immediately turned around and left the scene as she didnt want to be associated with Yi Tianyun for the moment.

Yi Tianyun quickly took the lady to fly away towards her hideout, while on the way there, the lady couldnt help but asked about Yi Tianyuns power earlier, how could he not receive any damage from the fire that Li Hao threw to him earlier.

It didnt really matter if you really want to know more, you must be interested in me! Yi TIanyun said while smirking to the lady.

No, that is not what I mean! I am only curious for you already that strong while still seems so young! The lady said while blushing profusely.

I got my strength trough hard work and relentless effort, the same as any other strong man out there! Yi Tianyun said while smiling warmly.

The lady blushed once again as she felt embarrassed for asking such a question.

Not long after that, they arrived in the vicinity of a forest that the lady told that they have to walk from there.

The lady told Yi Tianyun to come with her to kill some time while she was laying low for a while.

Yi Tianyun said that he would be fine with that as he said that since he wasnt afraid of those Netherworld Empire bunch, he could handle them all!

But she kept insisting as she said that she would like to introduce Yi Tianyun to her elder as to thank Yi Tianyun properly.

Yi Tianyun didnt have any reason to turn the ladys offer down and therefore agreed to come with her for a while.

While they were walking through the forest, the lady once again asked Yi Tianyun if he had any grudge towards the Netherworld Empire while smiling lightly.

No, I never hated them, but I strongly dislike the way they act towards others. So, I will try my best to destroy them! Yi Tianyun said confidently.

You didnt have to feel anxious around me, I dont have any bad intention towards the Spirit Race! Yi TIanyun said while smiling lightly.

In fact, he had a friend who was one of a Spirit Race too.

She said her sorry for being so cautious around Yi Tianyun, but it was necessary as there were so many people who wanted to exploit the Spirit Race due to their Divine Rune Mastery.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head in understanding; it was true!

For a race that excelled at Divine Rune Mastery, Spirit Race was exploited continuously by various strong factions, and Netherworld Empire took the reign for the vilest out of all those factions.

They turned the Spirit Race into a slave for the Netherworld Empires own benefit. Once the Spirit Race has already become a slave, Netherworld Empire made sure that the only thing theyll be doing for the rest of their life was engraving Divine Runes!

Not long after that, the lady quickly pulled Yi Tianyun towards a clearing, saying that was the way towards the Spirit Race hideout.

Yi Tianyun was confused for a while, but he soon realized that there must be some sort of Divine Rune mechanism used to conceal the hideout.

Yi Tianyun quickly activated his Heavenly Eyes and saw that the place was filled with so many Divine Runes.

There was no way that place could be found without proper instruction or a specific skill like his Heavenly Eyes.

The lady soon stopped in front of a tree and said that they have arrived, she hoped that Yi Tianyun could find comfort in that hideout.

Right, who is your name?

Yi Tianyun, who felt that he still couldnt trust all of the Spirit Race completely and decided to give a fake name to the lady, he said, My name is Yi Yuntian.

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