Crazy Leveling System Chapter 283

Chapter 283

Chapter 283

The lady nodded her head after hearing the name that Yi Tianyun gave, she quickly introduced herself as she said that her name was Ye Waner.

Yi Tianyun smiled and nodded his head knowingly. He didnt think that she was related to Ye Qingxuan, and he still couldnt say that he knew Ye Qingxuan casually considering Ye Qingxuans current situation.

Ye Waner then proceeded to walk inside the tree as to inform her elder of Yi Tianyuns arrival.

While waiting, Yi Tianyun thought over what he has done ever since he was reincarnated inside that body; there was so much that he had already done in a years time!

He had destroyed a few Faction in that short amount of time, there was Profound Azure Mansion, Wang Family from the Star Pavilion, many small factions in the Earthly Border Continent which also attacked Heavenly Jade Mansion, Divine Runes Mansion, and the factions that joined the Netherworld Empire at the time also fell as they lost most of their power after losing their Mansion Lord and some of their executives.

Not long after that, Ye Waner came back, followed by her elder.

Big Brother Yi, this is our Third Elder. Ye Waner introduced to Yi Tianyun.

Greetings Third Elder. The Yi Tianyun nod said.

Have you saved Waner from those people? You have such cultivation base, at your young age can kill Li Hao. Third Elder Jiang Yi is taking a look at him up and down, carefully is observing him, then asked, Which faction are you come from?

I just rogue cultivator, I dont come from any faction. Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

Un, rogue cultivator? Jiang Yi narrows the eyes to focus on him, a rogue cultivator can as strong as this, it was rarely happening, Waner said that you have a grudge with Netherworld Empire?

Yes, absolutely! It was not that he hated the Netherworld Empire in particular, but he strongly disagreed with the way they acted towards other factions. The Yi Tianyun mentioned several points.

Netherworld Empire is indeed overbearing! Thank you for rescued Waner. Spirit Race was also one of the Netherworld Empires victims. Jiang Yi smiled.

This is very normal, somewhat had heard something, should investigate rigorously, feared that will mix in the traitor within. Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

Jiang Yi said, Spirit Race was supposed to be hospitable towards any outsider who came to become their guest, but now that the Netherworld Empire had put a bounty for anyone who could capture any member of Spirit Race, they acted towards outsider also changed.

Please cover your eyes before you enter the hideout. Sorry for the inconvenience. Jiang Yi took out a black satin ribbon, told Yi Tianyun to tie up.

No problem. Yi Tianyun nodded his head in understanding of the Spirit Races situation, and thus agreed of the elder condition that Yi Tianyun had to cover his eyes before he could enter the hideout.

Ye Waner quickly blindfolded Yi Tianyun using a piece of cloth that she has prepared beforehand and then led Yi Tianyun carefully towards their hideout!

Even if a thick cloth covered his eyes, thanks to the Heavenly Eyes, he could still see many Divine Runes scattered throughout the place.

Throughout the way to the Spirit Race hideout, he also noticed the intense Spiritual Energy covering the place, he was sure that the Spiritual Energy of the hideout would be very suitable to cultivate his own cultivation.

Soon enough, Yi Tianyun heard many curious voices, and some of them were also judging Ye Waner as a fool as they didnt trust any outsider.

Yi Tianyun sighed as he needed to be able to control his own emotions there. He knew that wasnt their fault; it was because they were constantly betrayed by an outsider who wanted to exploit their ability for themselves!

He noticed many eyes were on him at the moment and some voices which tried to convince others that Yi Tianyun wasnt a bad person and that Yi Tianyun had killed Li Hao, one of the traitors who defected to the Netherworld Empire.

After the said fact was revealed, Yi Tianyun could hear them breathed a sigh of relief all over the place.

In the meantime, Ye Waner could relax a little bit, knowing that her own people didnt completely reject Yi Tianyuns arrival!

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