Crazy Leveling System Chapter 284

Chapter 284

Chapter 284

Ye Waner explained to Yi Tianyun that the Spirit Race never accepted any visitor with a vague origin, but Yi Tianyun was an exception because he had a common similarity to them, which was the grudge to the Netherworld Empire.

With Yi Tianyun killing Li Hao, a traitor of Spirit Race, he was immediately trusted.

Yi Tianyun looked over at the center of that place and saw a high tower that was immensely different than the others.

It emitted a light wave from the top of it.

Yi Tianyun immediately asked Ye Waner about the origin of the tower.

Ye Waner said, The place was called Spirit Pagoda, the light that you see was an Array that covers this place up and conceal this place from the outer world. That place was also the house of the Saintess and Elder. The Array needs Jade Spirit Stone to work, so that is why I am almost desperate to get my hands on those Jade Spirit Stones earlier. The Array is quite powerful. The elder said that even a Spirit King wouldnt be able to find this place.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head in understanding. He now knew the urgent that Ye Waner mentioned earlier was for that Spirit Pagoda so that they could keep their whereabout a secret from their enemies.

But after hearing that the pagoda was the house of a Saintess, Yi Tianyun couldnt help but thought that if that was where Ye Qingxuan lived now.

Ye Waner quickly shouted in excitement as she removed her mask, revealing her true face.

Yi Tianyun knew that Ye Waner was using a mask as she didnt want to reveal her identity to the outside world, he didnt expect Ye Waner to be that beautiful.

After observing Ye Waners face for quite a while, Yi Tianyun realized that she must be connected to Ye Qingxuan, Ye Waner kind of resemble her in a way.

Ye Waner immediately waved her hands in front of Yi Tianyuns face as she saw that Yi Tianyun was quite surprised by her change of appearance.

Sorry, I am a bit startled for your change of appearance. I dont know that you are such a beautiful girl. Yi Tianyun said with a smiling face.

Dont worry about that. My sister is much more beautiful than I am. Ye Waner said casually.

Ye Waner then led Yi Tianyun around so he could have a closer look at that place, but she couldnt bring Yi Tianyun to the Spirit Pagoda as that place was off-limit to the outsider.

Yi Tianyun nodded in understanding again. He knew that place retained the Spirit Races secret and therefore needed to be guarded carefully.

As they walked around, many girls approached them to hear the story of Yi Tianyuns fight against Li Hao.

They heard that Yi Tianyun killed Li Hao with only a couple of punches.

Many of them also flirted with Yi Tianyun openly, while some of them werent even interested and asked Ye Waner about her experience outside of the hideout instead.

Yi Tianyun was polite throughout the way as Ye Waner kept teasing the girl about her experience and that they could do it too when they were a bit older.

As they kept walking, Ye Waner pointed to a cabin while saying that the cabin was her and her sisters place. She invited Yi Tianyun inside as he could rest for a while. Yi Tianyun nodded, and they entered the cabin.

Inside, Yi Tianyun noticed that the place was tidy and clean. He also noticed that one of the bedrooms was clean, but it seems like no one used the room for quite a while. He asked Ye Waner whether that was her room or not, to which she said that the room wasnt hers, but her sisters!

She also said that her sister hasnt returned in a long time and that she didnt know when she will be back.

Yi Tianyun felt bad after hearing Ye Waners disappointment that her sister hasnt returned yet, and he quickly comforted Ye Waner while saying that her sister definitely will return eventually.

Ye Waner suddenly became excited as she said that she wasnt disappointed about her sister, there was no helping about it since her sister was busy fighting for Spirit Races freedom, for she was the Saintess of Spirit Race!

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