Crazy Leveling System Chapter 285

Chapter 285

Chapter 285

From what Ye Waner had said, Yi Tianyun knew that Ye Qingxuan had returned and successfully brought hope to the Spirit Race once again.

The proof would be the constant needs of the Jade Spirit Stone for the Spirit Pagoda because if the saintess never returned, they will not waste their resource to buy the Jade Spirit Stone like that.

But as much as Jade Spirit Stone they could have, it will eventually be exhausted.

The only way for them to have the peace and freedom that they wanted would be by destroying the Netherworld Empire!

Yi Tianyun nodded his head as he now understood the true nature of Spirit Races struggle.


Heavenly Jade Sect successfully annihilated a thiefs nest!

Reward: 5.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 1.000 SPs, 100 Prestige Points, 1x Enhanced Lottery Roulette ticket.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit startled by the systems notification; he didnt expect to get a reward for something that the Heavenly Jade Sect accomplished. He now knew why the Snow Wolf kept getting stronger while he didnt specifically order it to hunt.

Ye Waner noticed that Yi Tianyun was smirking to himself found it a little bit weird.

Yi Tianyun snapped back from his thought as he noticed Ye Waner stare.

Brother Yi, whats wrong? Ye Waner asked Yi Tianyun was there anything wrong.

Yi Tianyun immediately dodged by saying, Nothing, where are we going?

Big Brother has saved me, I must repay you! Ye Waner smiled, Although I cant bring Big Brother to the Spirit Pagoda, there is still a place that Big Brother could still visit, and I think that the place would be great for Big Brother.

Yi Tianyun became curious, Where is it?

Ye Waner said while smiling excitedly, The place was named Jade Water Deep Pool. It is a place with rich spiritual power, and that Big Brother could cultivate faster there!

Yi Tianyun was surprised to hear that the Spirit Race had a pool with a high concentration of spiritual energy like that. She explained that the pool was made for a guest of the Spirit Race, so therefore Yi Tianyun would be allowed to enter.

They soon left the house and walked towards the forest, Yi Tianyun noticed that the pool wasnt that big, but it was fairly decent for several people to cultivate there. He also saw that the place had a fair amount of people who were meditating to improve their own cultivation.

But as Yi Tianyun was an outsider, as soon as he entered the place, all cultivators on the scene laid their gaze towards Yi Tianyun.

The Spirit Race cultivators in Jade Water Deep Pool began to talk curiously, and some of them were disgusted over why an outsider was there.

Ye Waner immediately explained that Yi Tianyun was the one who saved her when she was about to be captured by Li Hao earlier and that Yi Tianyun was the one that killed Li Hao too.

After hearing Ye Waners explanation, some of their gazes began to soften as they found it very relieving after hearing that one of the traitors had been killed!

But some of them still looked at Yi Tianyun in distrust and alerted. He knew that there was no helping it, after facing so many troubles, it was a good thing that they simply distrusted an outsider!

A young boy immediately stood up and said, You should leave the Jade Water Deep Pool, we dont know you, and therefore we cant trust you.

They didnt care even if Yi Tianyun was really the one who killed Li Hao; they still knew nothing about Yi Tianyun.

The young boy also said, There was no guarantee that you arent actually one of the spies that Netherworld Empire had sent!

The young boys words got many supports from the people around him.

But, Ye Waner quickly said, Big Brother isnt like that, and I must repay Big Brothers kindness. I cant allow myself to be an ungrateful girl who left without doing anything!

The rest of them were silent as Spirit Race was taught never to be ungrateful toward anyone who helped them.

They let Yi Tianyun entered the pool, and then Ye Waner said that Yi Tianyun could cultivate.

Yi Tianyun sat at one corner of the pool and then tried to see the pools detailed description with his appraisal eye.

Jade Water Deep Pool: A pool of powerful Spiritual Energy, the pool has a rare Soul Accumulating Grass at the bottom of it. Cultivating while in the vicinity of the pool would increase the cultivation speed by thirty percent.

Yi Tianyun was quite surprised to see that the pool had Soul Accumulating Grass at the bottom of it.

No wonder that place could gather so much Spiritual Energy like that!

Yi Tianyun also knew that if that Soul Accumulating Grass were known to the outside world, that place would be ransacked to get their hands on that grass!

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