Crazy Leveling System Chapter 289

Chapter 289

Chapter 289


Everyone was shocked to see the fire that Yi Tianyun used was a high-grade fire.

They saw several powerful fires at their time, but none of them was as pure as Yi Tianyuns.

All of a sudden, they expected something from Yi Tianyuns ability!

Now, what medicinal pills should I make first? Yi Tianyun said casually.

Oh yeah, it was the 4th Grade Medicinal Pills, Life Continuing Spirit Pill! Is it okay to start with a high grade Medicinal Pill? Ye Qingxuan said curiously.

It is okay, may I get the material for it? The more, the better. Yi Tianyun said casually.

With his Pill Refining Proficiency, he already got the recipe for the Life Continuing Spirit Pill and many other Medicinal Pills, the recipes that he didnt get were the rare ones, like the Spirit Congealing Pills!

Ye Qingxuan immediately ordered the Deacon to gather the materials and gave it to Yi Tianyun excitedly.

When the Deacon came back and piled the materials in the room, Yi Tianyun began to select the material he needed and then tossed it to the Purple Fire Divine Furnace without even looking at the furnace.

As he did so, he lit the furnace with his fire, melting the material all at once and removing impurity from them.

Those who saw what Yi Tianyun was doing, frowned all at once as they knew that this was not how to refine a high-grade pill properly!

What is it? Is he really make a pill? I feel he is going to fail

Is he really 4th Grade Alchemist? I am afraid he isnt

Too bad a fire like that is in his hand.

They started to feel pity for the material that Yi Tianyun had used, it was clear that the material was wasted. Some of them were even afraid that the furnace would blow up!

Some of them even felt pity for the fire that Yi Tianyun was using. They thought that it was a shame for it to be in Yi Tianyuns hands.

Ye Qingxuan frowned too, but she didnt say anything as she had to see the finished product first.

Ye Waner, however, was prepared to take the blame if anything bad happened there.

Even though Yi Tianyun was lying about that entire Pill Refining thing, she would make sure that he would get out of there unscathed!

Yi Tianyun was still the one who helped her break free of Li Haos grasp.

But Yi Tianyun baffled everyone once again as he finished the first batch and handed the Life Continuing Spirit Pills that he refined to Ye Qingxuan.


They were all dumbfounded and looked at Yi Tianyun completely at a loss for words.

Ye Qingxuan immediately checked the pills and saw that the Medicinal Pills were well made and that the pills oozed rich fragrance that was very refreshing.

There was no doubt in her mind that those Life Continuing Pills were of a high-grade refinement rank!

They started to look at the pills themselves and were shocked to see the high ranked pills to be made in such a short time.

Some of them knew that this was at least 3rd Refinement Rank 4th Grade Medicinal Pills!

Medicinal Pills were divided into nine ranks, the more impurities removed, the stronger the effect would be, and the higher the refinement ranks would be.

Even though it was still at the lower end, 3rd Refinement Rank Medicinal Pills were already great, as it was rare to see any medicinal pills at that rank.

Is there any problem with the pills? Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

He watched as everyone was silent and guessed that maybe they thought that he poisoned the pills but were embarrassed to say it out loud. So, Yi Tianyun took one random pill and immediately swallowed it without fear.


Taking a Life Continuing Spirit Pill!

+10.000 Points to Vitality!

Vitality was the point he needed to strengthen his defensive power. But as of now, he didnt really need it as his defense power was already high enough to withstand a Core Transformation Peak Stage cultivators attack!

Everyone was embarrassed after seeing that Yi Tianyun proved it to them that there was nothing bad mixed into the pill!

Yi Tianyun asked them once again if there was anything wrong with his Medicinal Pills.

Ye Qingxuan quickly ordered the Deacon to gave the pills to the injured Spirit Race on the sickbay.

You are really awesome! You must be a genius to have such strong power and high level ability! Ye Waner said while jumping to Yi Tianyuns embrace.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit flushed by Ye Waners act; he doesnt want any of them to think of anything inappropriate about him!

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