Crazy Leveling System Chapter 290

Chapter 290

Chapter 290

Ye Waner was excited that the man she brought after saving her life was useful for Spirit Race, and he was really strong too!

This fact made Ye Waner a little too excited that she forgot that she has been hugging Yi Tianyun for quite a while.

After she realized that she was holding on to Yi Tianyun, she blushed a little bit and let go at once while saying, S-sorry!

Yi Tianyun laughed and patted Ye Waners head like a little kid; she flustered the moment Yi Tianyun patted her head.

Ye Qingxuan said, I am sorry for doubting you and for my peoples behavior.

I understand. I am already aware of the situation that the Spirit Race was currently in. Yi Tianyun said to Ye Qingxuan.

I would continue to refine the 4th Grade Medicinal Pills until you said otherwise or if I am already used all of the materials for it! Yi Tianyun said while smiling slightly.

Okay, that is all we need for now! Thank you for your kindness! Ye Qingxuan said gratefully.

As the sense of urgency was overcome, I will take my time to refine each batch of medicinal pills now. Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Ye Qingxuan nodded and said, Okay, I have something else to do. You can tell Waner if you need any help.

Yi Tianyun looked at Ye Qingxuan as she walked away and wanted to tell her that he was the one who saved her on the cave before, but decides not to as he barely knows anything about the Spirit Races situation at the moment.

He was afraid that if he exposed himself, he could endanger the Spirit Race more than they already were.

He began to refine the 4th Grade medicinal Pills scrutinously, making Ye Waner and the other Alchemists reluctant to talk to or even bother him.

Even though he said that he would be making the Medicinal Pill at a much slower pace, he still made a batch of Medicinal Pills faster than a normal alchemist.

The alchemists in the room looked at Yi Tianyun with envy; they wanted to have Yi Tianyuns skill too!

While Tianyun took a little rest, Ye Waner quickly asked, Is it okay for you to be watched by the other alchemists since they may figure out your secret?

Yi Tianyun laughed and said, its okay, they could even ask me for that, and I will teach them if they could keep up with me.

Ye Waner said, Big Brother is so amazing, you are so strong and smart!

Ye Waner also asked, What kind of Divine Rune you want to portray with Jade Spirit Stone that you bought early? You are amazing Divine Rune Master too, right?

That question aroused the deacons curiosity; they happened to overhear their conversation.

They didnt expect Yi Tianyun to be able to portray a Divine Rune, they thought that he was already an incredible Pill Refining master, and Ye Waner suddenly said that he was also a Divine Rune Master?

Yes, it is for portraying the huge array in my place. I will use it immediately after I am done helping here. Yi Tianyun said casually.

I could help you with that! I am a 5th Grade Divine Rune Master myself! If its not higher than that, I would definitely succeed! Ye Waner said confidently.

I would think about it! Yi Tianyun said while laughing a little bit.

As they were conversing casually and joked around, Yi Tianyun finally returned to making another batch of Medicinal Pills.

Ye Waner watched Yi Tianyun refined one after another Medicinal Pill as she didnt know what else to do to kill some time, she couldnt walk around the Spirit Pagoda casually as she only got permission to stay in that room.

After a few hours had passed, Ye Qingxuan came back to ask Yi Tianyun, Can I get another batch of Life Continuing Spirit Pill? All of the first batches had been used.

Ye Waner quickly gave her all the Medicinal Pills that Yi Tianyun had made that are made into the stockpile.

This Ye Qingxuan was surprised to see the piling medicinal pill and then said, This is enough for the time being, you should rest for now.


Successfully completed 1st Stage of [Rescue the Spirit Race!] Quest [Overcome the Medicine Pill Shortage!]

Reward: 5.000.000 Exp, 50.000 CPs, 5.000 Pill Refining Proficiencies, 50 Spirit Race Favourability points.


2nd Stage of [Rescue the Spirit Race!] had been obtained! [Help Restore the Divine Rune that Belongs to the Spirit Race!]

Reward on completion: 10.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 10.000 Divine Rune Proficiency points, 50 Spirit Race Favourability points.

Waner come help me to fix the Divine Rune around the Great Array. Ye Qingxuan said.

Ye Waner immediately agreed, Okay, no problem.

Yi Tianyun also asked, Can I help too?

After receiving the quest, Yi Tianyun was eager to help, so he needed permission to go with Ye Waner to help out.

This Ye Qingxuan hesitated for a while but quickly nodded, Okay, please come with me.

Yi Tianyun was happy that his quest progress wouldnt be halted, but he knew that even if his offer was rejected, he could always reveal his real identity to Ye Qingxuan to make everything a lot easier!

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