Crazy Leveling System Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Liao Cheng immediately took out his weapon and stared at Yi Tianyun coldly.

Who are you? how could you come here undetected? Liao Cheng asked Yi Tianyun.

I am the one that would end your life soon! Yi Tianyun said while smirking evilly.

Yi Tianyun quickly rushed toward Liao Cheng and kicked him while using his Dragon God Bloodline!

Ye Qingxuan also came to help Yi Tianyun dealt with the traitor. She froze the feet of the traitors as to make sure that none of them escaped!

Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan easily killed all of them in a short amount of time.

Why are you getting stronger every time I saw you fight? Ye Qingxuan asked curiously.

The enemy is just too weak! I am not a strong one! Yi Tianyun answered indifferently.

You know, if it isnt because of you, we will get in so many difficulties right now. Ye Qingxuan said while smiling at Yi Tianyun.

You know you could rely on me with everything! Tianyun said while smiling toward Ye QIngxuan too.

Ye Qingxuan flashed a beautiful smile towards Yi Tianyun and said, We should go to the next place.

With Ye Qingxuans leadership, they quickly annihilated the next intruders that they encountered after Liao Cheng, sadly that group of intruders didnt even have any Core Transformation Expert with them.

When they went to another area, they noticed that there was a Core Transformation Expert who was attacking some of the Spirit Races people that Ye Qingxuan brought earlier.

Yi Tianyun quickly stopped him by kicking the experts chest while saying that he will take him on instead.

Once again, that group of intruders was annihilated by Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan, the group of intruders was separated into several groups to destroy the Trace Confusion Great Array in batches.

But once the Great Array was fixed, that was how did they end up in such a situation!

The intruder was almost annihilated now, Lei Yuns group was the only one left! Ye Qingxuan told Yi Tianyun.

While saying that information to Yi Tianyun, he could feel that Ye Qingxuans anger filled the air because of that person called Lei Yun.

Yi Tianyun was so excited to face him, as he would kill a man who caused grief to Ye Qingxuan!

If I see something off with Lei Yun, I would immediately kill all of them, so there was no casualty in Spirit Race! Yi Tianyun said confidently toward Ye Qingxuan.

As they got close enough to see Lei Yun, he shouted, Come out! I can feel Ye Qingxuans glare from few miles away!

Ye Qingxuans complexions changed, if she was recognized like that, then they have lost their advantage!

Yi Tianyun raised his brows as he didnt know why Ye Qingxuan was recognized so soon like that, he immediately tries to look at the group of intruders in front of him. He noticed a strong build man with a dense Divine Rune engraved on his body.

He quickly used his Appraisal Eye to look at Lei Yuns stats.

Lei Yun: 7th Level Core Transformation Stage.

Enchantment: Thunderbolt Divine Rune, Excellent power on Thunder attribute.

Combat Power: 3.800.000

Equipment: High Grade Soul Tools

Weakness: Earth Attribute Attack

Martial Art: Thunder Dragon Flash, Thunder Dragon Secret Art, Thunder God Befall.

Chance on drops: Thunder Dragon Flash, Thunder Dragon Secret Art, Thunder God Befall, Thunder God Suit.

Yi Tianyun felt excited upon seeing Lei Yuns stat, as he thought Lei Yun was pretty strong, maybe even stronger than any 7th Level Core Transformation Stage Expert!

But of course, Lei Yun was no match to him!

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