Crazy Leveling System Chapter 299

Chapter 299

Chapter 299

Lei Yun was strong, maybe the strongest out of all the intruders that day.

Yi Tianyun knew immediately that was why Netherworld Empire used Lei Yun as the prized Spirit Race Traitor because he was a genius cultivator!

But as Netherworld Empire prized possession, they havent trusted Lei Yun completely.

In instance, Netherworld Empire placed one of their ministers to monitor Lei Yuns action throughout the attack against the Spirit Race.

Because of that, Yi Tianyun must defeat two Core Transformation Experts in Lei Yuns group, but it wasnt a big deal for Yi Tianyun as it would only mean that he will get another treasure!

Oh, are you not willing to come out?

Lei Yun sneered as Ye Qingxuan didnt come out of hiding and then throw a thunder ball in Ye Qingxuans direction.

Ye Qingxuan was startled by that attack and immediately blocked the attack with her whip, but Yi Tianyun quickly blocked it with his hands before it even reached Ye Qingxuan!

Yi Tianyun immediately noticed that the Trace Confusion Great Array didnt have any effect on Lei Yun. Ye Qingxuan quickly looked at Yi Tianyuns hand and saw that Yi Tianyuns hand wasnt damaged at all!

Your helper wasnt bad at all! Lei Yun said as he saw Ye Qingxuan and Yi Tianyun.

He was already familiar enough with this Great Array, he wont receive the effect full force. We couldnt get close to him as he could see any weird distortion in a 15 meter radius! Ye Qingxuan said to Yi Tianyun.

Dont you worry! I wouldnt get any closer than I am now, at least for now! Yi Tianyun said while smirking to Ye Qingxuan. He immediately took out his Cold Ice Divine Bow from his inventory.

Ye Qingxuan looked at the Divine Bow in awe, since she had a high affinity with ice element, she felt that the bow was the prettiest bow that she has ever seen.

Yi Tianyun quickly used the Cold Ice Fury, Cold Ice Divine Bows special attack at the cost of 5.000 CPs with Lei Yun as his target.

Lei Yuns complexion quickly changed after he saw the ice arrow flew toward him. He shouted the people near him to get away while he himself tried to get away from the arrows trajectory.

Unfortunately, the Netherworld Empires Minister wasnt able to get away from the arrow in time, so instead of hitting Lei Yun, the arrow hit the minister!


Successfully killed Netherworld Empire Minister Mu Yun!

Reward: 930.000 Exp, 4.600 CPs, 200 SPs, Netherworld Secret Act, Turning Over Heavens Palm, Moon Heavenly Sword, Heavenly Feather Boots, 100.000 Exp Pill.


Successfully killed Spirit Race Traitor!

Reward: 240.000 Exp, 3.100 CPs, 100 SPs, 400 Divine Rune Proficiency Points.


Successfully killed . . .

Everyone was shocked to see that with only an arrow, the damage done to the intruder was so massive that even a Netherworld Empires Minister was killed by it!

Ye Qingxuan stared at the arrow path with a wide eye; she couldnt shake the feeling that Yi Tianyun was far more powerful than he said he was.

Yi Tianyun didnt stop there; he shot three consecutive arrows with the Cold Ice Divine Bow to Lei Yun while activating his Crazy Damage Mode!

The arrow hit Lei Yun precisely on his chest; the effect was immediately shown as his body gradually froze.

But it didnt seem that he will die just because of that, he quickly activated his thunder Divine Runes on his body and thawed the ice that slowly froze his body.

Who are you? What faction are you from? Did the Spirit Race pay you? I will double your pay if you join us, or even triple it if you want! Lei Yun said desperately.

Well, I was being paid by given permission to kill the Netherworld Empires people! If you can kill the Netherworld Empires Emperor, then I will definitely join you! Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

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