Crazy Leveling System Chapter 303

Chapter 303

Chapter 303

Lei Yun was scorned in his entire way towards the dungeon inside the Spirit Pagoda by the entire Spirit Race, who was there just to scorn him!

Yi Tianyun could feel the hate emanated from them, even though Lei Yun was of the same race as them, he was still the one who advocated the betrayal of many Spirit Race to the Netherworld Empire.

Yi Tianyun had thought that he would have to kill all of the intruders that day, but it seemed Lei Yun had to be judged according to his crime, so Yi Tianyun let it slide.

As Ye Qingxuan reached the Spirit Pagoda, she threw Lei Yun inside the hall and once again pushed him forcefully.

The elders who were standing by on the Spirit Pagodas hall saw Lei Yun with anger on their eyes.

Elder Yan soon came forward and asked Lei Yun angrily while also activating his aura about the truth regarding their imprisoned people and the Old Ancestor!

Lei Yun, who had his cultivation core destroyed, couldnt stand Elder Yans pressuring Spiritual Energy, knelt on the floor in humiliation, but he surely wouldnt let them satisfied with anything!

Its impossible. I dont know anything about what the Netherworld Empire had done to them in that prison. But I know that there will be nothing good happened inside the prison and that the Old Ancestor is probably already dead after so much interrogation and Soul-Searching Technique that been done to him! The Spirit Race Prison Key isnt even inside that prison! General Long held it! Lei Yun said while laughing deliriously.

Ye Qingxuan frowned after hearing Lei Yuns word; she knew that the weakest General Long would be 9th Level Core Transformation Stage, which meant some of them were even in the Void Spirit Stage! She didnt have the power to beat someone like that!

You have no power to fight against that kind of expert! Just give it up and join the Netherworld Empire! This would be your final opportunity! Lei Yun said while smiling crazily.

If you didnt join them now after they learn of what happens today, the General Long would be coming here in no time! You all will burn with all your pride and stupidity! Lei Yun said while laughing out loud.

The elder of the Spirit Race become scared as they were afraid that what Lei Yun said was real!

But Yi Tianyun quickly slapped Lei Yun to shut him up and raised the morale of the Spirit Race.

Would you mind if I injure him some more? Or maybe it was better to kill this trash? Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

That wouldnt be necessary, Master Yi. We will imprison him within the Ice Boundary so that he could feel the freezing pain until his death! Ye Qingxuan said coldly.

At the same time, Lei Yuns complexion had changed, it seemed that he knew the horror of that place, so Yi Tianyun chose to shut up for the time being.

Lei Yun began to mumble and scream as the guards began to drag him to the Ice Boundary, as Ye Qingxuan requested!

Lei Yuns struggle was a wasteful action as he didnt have his Spiritual Core any longer, which made him look like a struggling kid with no chance of escaping!

You all will die! Spirit Race would be destroyed after all this! I am the only one who can lead this cursed race to salvation! Youre all making a big mistake! Lei Yun desperately said as he was being dragged to a deeper part of the Spirit Pagoda.

Ye Qingxuan ignored Lei Yuns word as she knew that as long as the Spirit Race tried their hardest, there was no way the Netherworld Empire could destroy them!

Saintess, we should fortify our defenses! The Netherworld Empire will definitely send many experts here as they dont receive any report after this attack! Elder Yan said seriously.

We still had time to worry about those things; we need to make plans on saving the Old Ancestor first! They couldnt hold out any longer! How can we save them when we didnt have the key to save them! Ye Qingxuan said seriously.

This key thing that you are talking about, I think I have it! Yi Tianyun said embarrassedly.

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