Crazy Leveling System Chapter 313

Chapter 313

Chapter 313

Feng Wuyun was shocked to see that Ye Qingxuan came to the prison unchained!

His first reaction was to hide behind something that could protect himself, but as he realized that he was inside a cage that must be opened with a special key, he smirked at Ye Qingxuan and taunted her.

Saintess Get out of here before General Feng coming, you cant open the cage without the key. The Old Ancestor shouted at Ye Qingxuan

Feng Wuyun silenced him as he said, It was too late to get out.

He took the Jade Pendant and said, I can crush the pendant to make sure that everyone in Netherworld Prison knew there was an intruder.

Feng Wuyun added, Watch me preparing the poison that I will force the Old Ancestor to drink.

Ye Qingxuan shouted, Stop it, you traitor!

But it seemed that it had the opposite effect.

Feng Wuyun said, Come in if you want to stop me.

But even if she could come in, all he had to do was just crushed the Jade Pendant to signal General Long that there was a problem inside the Netherworld Prison!


Feng Wuyun then laughed as he thought that Ye Qingxuan was desperate to save the Old Ancestor.

Who said I couldnt come in?

Suddenly, Feng Wuyuns arm that was holding the Jade Pendant was cut off, and he was kicked to the side by none other than Yi Tianyun because Feng Wuyun was too focused with Ye Qingxuan, he didnt realize that Yi Tianyun was already inside the cage!

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Feng Wuyun was shocked once again, seeing that the helper that Ye Qingxuan brought was inside the cage.

How could you come inside?

Ye Qingxuan and The Old Ancestor was a little bit surprised themselves.

They didnt see Yi Tianyun enter the cage at all!

Ye Qingxuan first thought that Yi Tianyun was using his teleportation ability, but she knew that there was no way that the cage would allow anyone to teleport inside it!

But, despite questioning it, she knew that Yi Tianyun had done it!

He has already taken care of Feng Wuyun!

I just walk in with this.

Feng Wuyun was startled to see that Yi Tianyun really got the key, he knew that the only one who qualified to hold the key to the Spirit Race Prisoner was General Long and the Emperor, so how could Yi Tianyun have one!

It was impossible to kill the Netherworld Emperor, so he speculated that General Long had been killed!

Feng Wuyun then leaped with all his might and started to run towards the exit, but Yi Tianyun was much faster than him, Yi Tianyun quickly pulled him back and kicked Feng Wuyuns chest once more!

Feng Wuyuns cultivation was not that low. He was at the 5th Level Core Transformation Stage!

But before Yi Tianyuns overwhelming power, he couldnt do anything!

Where are you going now? Are you still going to force the Old Ancestor to drink this poison? Yi Tianyun said sarcastically while forcing Feng Wuyun to drink the poison.


Feng Wuyun screamed out as the pain from the poison began to take effect, he writhed on the floor and kept slamming his head on the floor, as he couldnt handle the pain from the poison!

Seeing that scene in front of him, Yi Tianyun put some respect on the Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race!

It was clear that he had a strong will to be able to speak through the pain from the poison!

Yi Tianyun told Ye Qingxuan, I am done. You can do anything you want to him.

Ye Qingxuan reacted by taking out her Silver Whips and quickly whipped Feng Wuyun with it!

With every whip, Feng Wuyuns body began to froze and finally tie up his body.

She didnt kill Feng Wuyun, making Yi Tianyun confused about what she wanted to do, but left it alone as it was no longer his problem.

Ye Qingxuan quickly helped Yi Tianyun removing all the shackles that tied the Old Ancestor. She noticed that the Old Ancestors aura had been severely weakened for having been tortured for a long time!

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