Crazy Leveling System Chapter 320

Chapter 320

Chapter 320

"Destroy the Netherworld Prison? That was impossible if you dont destroy the Divine Rune engraved in it first!" Ye Qingxuan said knowingly.

She was worried about Yi Tianyuns stubbornness, she thought if Yi Tianyun stayed there any longer, the Dragon General would definitely come!

"Its okay, I can easily escape this place if I want to. This place will continue to imprison people as long as its still standing. The real solution to weaken their system is to destroy this place! I can handle the Divine Rune too!" Yi Tianyun winked at Ye Qingxuan as he will be using the Heavenly Eye to do that.

Ye Qingxuan was still worried about Yi Tianyuns safety, she was afraid that he couldnt come back if he stubbornly stayed there.

The Old Ancestor patted Ye Qingxuans head to reassure her.

The Old Ancestor then gave Yi Tianyun his memories to help Yi Tianyun destroyed the Divine Rune on the Netherworld Prison.

"Now, that is some of my knowledge about the Divine Rune on this place, may it help you achieve your goal!" The Old Ancestor said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and expressed his gratitude to the Old Ancestor while The Old Ancestor quickly dragged Ye Qingxuan to leave the prison ground quickly.

"I will be waiting for you! youd better return safely, you hear me!" Ye Qingxuan shouted as she rode the Earth Dragon.

Yi Tianyun nodded and shouted back, "I will definitely come back, dont you worry!"

The prisoners also quickly left as they were told to leave, they know that with their condition now, they wouldnt be able to help the young man that saved their life!

Yi Tianyun walked back to the Netherworld Prison and shot the confused guard who was coming from the deeper part of the prison with his Ice Cold Divine Bow.

The guards began to panic as they realized that Yi Tianyun was coming back to the prison, they began to scatter to look for any place that was safe from Yi Tianyuns reach to hide themselves.

Yi Tianyun sighed and immediately shot the Ice-Cold Fury towards the main hall, killing every single guard who tried to run from Yi Tianyun instantly!


Successfully killed Netherworld Prison Guard!

Reward: 170.000 Exp, 2.300 CPs, 100 SPs, Heavenly Clouds Palm, Heavenly Clouds Step, Profound Iron Sword, Recovery Pills.

The notification rang several times, indicating as many guards as Yi Tianyun killed.

The only thing that was out of ordinary that Yi Tianyun noticed after killing the guards was the Sin Points that he got were strangely high for someone at the age and cultivation level of the guards!

It was clear that they were committed too much sin in that prison!

He quickly rushed forward while using the Heavenly Eyes to examine the Divine Rune on the wall.

With the new knowledge that he got from the Old Ancestor, Yi Tianyun soon found the link between the Divine Rune and quickly destroyed it!

It was easy to break that chain of Divine Rune as The Old Ancestor was the one who made all those Divine Runes and therefore had the knowledge to destroy it too.

He quickly continued to do so while also looking out for any guards who tried to attack him on several occasions.

"What happened?!"

He noticed that the guards were coming from one direction, so he quickly followed the path, and he finally saw the guards were coming from the bottom of the prison!

It was likely that there was something that needed to be guarded in there!

"I dont know anything like this before."

Yi Tianyun didnt know about that path before, he decided to quickly go down there to see what was in there while killing the guards who tried to see if there was anything wrong upstairs.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs, Yi Tianyun noticed, "I dont expect there is a mine here!"

He remembered that one of the guards upstairs mentioned that the worthless prisoner that didnt have any use to the Netherworld Empire would be working in a mine, but he didnt know that the mine was inside the Netherworld Prison!

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