Crazy Leveling System Chapter 327

Chapter 327

Chapter 327

Ye Qingxuan was shocked, as shocked as Ye Waner, who was eavesdropping the entire time.

Old Ancestor knew about the Innate Ability that Ye Qingxuan gave to Yi Tianyun!

Ye Qingxuan felt a little bit worried that Old Ancestor may not support Ye Qingxuans act!

Seeing that everyone became silent, Old Ancestor said, "Even though transferring the Heavenly Eyes were considered taboo by the Spirit Race, I dont condemn your act. In fact, I support it as I wanted him to become our next Spirit King!"

He asked Yi Tianyun once again, "Do you want to become our Spirit King?" For it was still Yi Tianyuns choice to make.

Hearing the Old Ancestors support, Ye Qingxuan sighed in relief, and meanwhile, Ye Waner quickly entered the house and asked, "Sister, how and when did you give your Innate Ability to Big Brother?"

She was really confused, she thought that Ye Qingxuan first met Yi Tianyun when Ye Waner brought him to the sanctuary, there was no way Ye Qingxuan had time to give her Innate Ability to Yi Tianyun by the situation revolved after that!

Ye Qingxuan didnt know what to say as she didnt think Yi Tianyun wanted his secret to be revealed right there and then.

Fortunately, Old Ancestor refuted, "Calm down Waner, your sister must have her own reason, and all that matter was that Yi Tianyun could become our Spirit King with the Innate Ability given by Qingxuan."

"With Yi Tianyuns accomplishment of saving our people inside the Netherworld Prison, I believe that our people will support our decision to make Yi Tianyun our Spirit King!"

"But it all came down to Yi Tianyuns ability to pass the Spirit King Smelting Trial!"

Yi Tianyun asked, "Spirit King Smelting Trial?"

Old Ancestor quickly answered, "Spirit King Smelting Trial was a trial for someone to become a Spirit King candidate."

Yi Tianyun asked, "Is it okay for an outsider to become Spirit King?"

The Old Ancestor twisted his beard while thinking and immediately said, "It is unusual as we always chose a candidate of the Spirit King from the Spirit Race, but this time is different, our only candidate before had betrayed us!"

Yi Tianyun remembered that the candidate for Spirit King was Lei Yun, he was the traitor who came to destroy the Spirit Race Sanctuary earlier.

Old Ancestor quickly reminded, "The opponent that would come there to destroy the sanctuary was still out there, I will help you repel them with all my power. Once you repel that attack, you will earn a high prestige from our people, and with that, no one will question your capability to become our next Spirit King!"

Yi Tianyun thought for a second and found that development was convenient to him, he didnt need to convince the Old Ancestor to fight for him anymore as The Old Ancestor has offered to help himself.

The Old Ancestor said, "You have better Innate Ability than Lei Yun or anyone that I know. I believe that you will become a great leader to the Spirit Race in the future!"

Yi Tianyun confirmed once again that all he had to do was passed the Spirit King Smelting Trial to become the Spirit King.

Yi Tianyun knew that the trial wouldnt be easy, but he had to make sure that the trial was all he needed to do before jumping head-on into the unknown.

"I will do my best in Spirit King Smelting Trial."

The Old Ancestor nodded his head and said, "I am looking forward for your performance." He immediately coughed up blood!

It seemed that the poison was still lingering heavily in the Old Ancestors system!

Yi Tianyun quickly said, "Old Ancestor must rest, I will immediately refine the Detoxifying Pill for the poison!"

The Old Ancestor told Yi Tianyun, "There was no need to panic, even if you cant Detoxifying Pill, it will be fine!"

Yi Tianyun quickly shook his head and said, "I can, Detoxifying Pill isnt that hard to make!"

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