Crazy Leveling System Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Real Trash

Chapter 33: Real Trash

Yi Tianyun accept the challenge which caught An Ling and Qin Xue off guard. Because as far as they know Yi Tianyun is only first level of Spirit Refinement Realm, while Ma Liangpeng is at fourth level of Spirit Refinement Realm.

Junior brother, wont you reconsider? His cultivation is much higher than you. If you are injured, how can we face Palace Lord Shi? An Ling hurriedly persuaded.

Sisters, ill be alright, dont worry about me, I will make him pay! Yi Tianyun says no more and head outside with his spirit tools, an epee at his hand.

They looked at each other and realize they cant persuade Yi Tianyun. Its not that they dont understand how he felt after someone insult spirit weapons he forged.

When they went out, Ma Liangpeng who had waited outside. Seeing Yi Tianyun who follow after him, couldnt help but smile and with insult as always: I thought all you could do is hide behind women, turns out you got some nerve!

Yi Tianyun has been staying in Jade Palace, which is a place specially for woman, and is looked down on by many men. In fact, so its kind of awkward for a man being sheltered there.

even if i do, its still better than some liar who spread lies using his sects influence! Yi Tianyun sneered.

Everyone here will judge whether i am a liar or not! Killing intent colored Ma Liangpengs eyes, and he drew his own spirit tool. Silver light is emanated from his sword.

Seeing these two, crowd has gathered around them to see what happened.

Of course i have no qualm with that. Yi Tianyun smiled lightly while holding firm the epee on his hand and said: I will use this epee to confirm whether that spirit tools of yours is good enough or not!

When everyone saw the contrast between the two, they shook their heads. Yi Tianyun used the epee. Ma Liangpeng used the sword. It is undoubted that Ma Liangpeng will be more relaxed. With a flexible body, you can play Yi Tianyun in the applause!

Even from the weapon of choice Yi Tianyun is already at a disadvantage.

I sure hope we can reach an understanding before somebody dead. Zi Yuwei looked at Liang Tiancheng coldly and said: That is our guest you are talking about. If you kill him, youll see your pavilion raining blood!

Well of course, were here for confirmation not murder. Ma Liangpeng answers.

Ma Liangpengs eyes were disdainful. He felt insulted, how can Yi Tianyun compare that epee to his sword, and he could play the dead Yi Tianyun by relying on his body.

They stare each other, and the audience is very enthusiastic.

The guest of Rain Pavilion is definitely an idiot. Challenging a sword with epee. Hes given up or what?

How can the disciples of Forging God Sect lose? Even in terms of weapon the result is already obvious. I think this is it for Rain Pavilions guest.

It is estimated that it is fainted, and it will be played indiscriminately. Forging god sects spirit tools isnt just talk. And even without considering the weapons they use,its already clear that Forging God Sect will win!

Nobody is rooting for Yi Tianyun . The weapon advantage in weapon is pretty clear. And considering the overall strength of Forging God Sect, everyone is on Ma Liangpeng side!

Hope you dont regret anything, just blame yourself for messing with the wrong guy! He stared Yi Tianyun with cold eyes, and he knew that Yi Tianyun is a candidate to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins from Jade Palace. Theres nothing but trouble for him to be alive!

In an instant, Ma Liangpeng raised the fine sword in his hand and used Sky Cloud Step like a flying cloud, he quickly rush toward Yi Tianyun. Gust was blown because of how fast Ma Liangpeng is.

He thrusted his sword to Yi Tianyun.

He did not use any martial arts, but hes so fast and he aim at Yi Tianyuns vital point.

Yi Tianyuns eyes are cold, raising his hand to lift the epee, like a shield in front of himself.


But because the epee was too thin, even though the sword made contact with epee it only grazes the side, and bend it a due to its flexibility.

Ma Liangpeng with his quick decision making, pull back his sword, rushed toward the back of Yi Tianyun, and swiftly thrust his sword. But again, Yi Tianyun softly deflected it with his epee.


Ma Liangpeng quickly switched direction, but no matter how many times he attack, Yi Tianyun always deflect it the same way, and none of his attack landed. And Ma Liangpeng is already exhausted because he kept attacking meanwhile Yi Tianyun still had it easy.

This is all you got? Please dont disappoint me too much. Yi Tianyun glanced at him faintly, he did not even move a step from his initial position, he just stand still and deflect every attack with his epee .

The next moment, he picked up the epee in his hand and the backhand was smashed up. The violent force was swung up by him, and a wave of anger was blown up was like the whole sky. The sword is slammed down.

With this power, I will win, and defeat the likes of you!

Ma Liangpeng screamed, and thrust his magnificent sword into Yi Tianyuns epee with all his might!


And both weapon clashes head on, causing enormous shockwave upon impact.

Activate Crazy Mode!

Yi Tianyun used double damage effect from Crazy Mode!


The explosive power bend Ma Liangpengs sword and leave him stunned. This is all thanks to Crazy Mode

Ma Liangpeng was bounced off, and after a dozen steps back, he finally stopped. He suffers internal bleeding due to this clash, blood spills from his mouth.

This startled An Ling and Xin Que, this is definitely not first level of Spirit Refinement Realm? This is fourth or fifth level of Spirit Refinement Realm!

Yi Tianyun looked at him coldly, and the epee in his hand is not even scratched. No matter how many times he deflect or receive the attack with it, theres not even one scratch. On the other hand, Ma Liangpengs sword was bent.

Is this the extent of your real upper level spirit tools? My spirit tools is supposed to be middle level at most right? Then by your logic my weapon is supposed to be destroyed right? Yi Tianyun sneered: I think your spirit tool is the real trash!