Crazy Leveling System Chapter 332

Chapter 332

Chapter 332

Note: Dragon General changed to General Long.

"Damn, how can the Divine Rune of the Imperial Preceptor have no effect? Who else in the spirit can have this ability?"

General Longs expression became gloomy as he realized that the Divine Rune given by the Imperial Preceptor wasnt working like it was supposed to be.

He realized that the Spirit Race must be controlling the Great Array manually, but who could do such a thing! He knew that the Old Ancestor was poisoned and shouldnt be able to do that kind of thing.

"Is it controlled by the saintess?" General Long really couldnt think of who would control it except her.

His expression hardened as he didnt think that the forests Great Array would be able to trap him! He once again used the Divine Talisman on his hands to burn the forest! He knew that once the sacred tree was destroyed, this Trace Confusion Great Array would lose its power!

The problem at hand was that the sacred tree wasnt just one tree!

General Long was starting to become desperate as the fire wouldnt last long in such heavy rain, he quickly pulled out his Red Dragon Spear and attacked the tree with brute force, "I dont believe it, this broken forest can trap me!"

He successfully put a big hole in it, but the tree itself wasnt knocked down from the power! But that hole in a tree still proved that the Trace Confusion Great Array wasnt invincible!

Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan saw the General Longs action, they knew that they had to face him in the end, if they failed, the Spirit Sanctuary could be destroyed!

Yi Tianyun has had many Earth Dragons as his pet, he wondered if he could take the General Long on at the moment as he has already increased his level.

Ye Qingxuan, who was also watching General Long on the side, said, "General Long was too strong! We will have a hard time dealing with General Long for sure. We must stop General Long soon, we shouldnt let General Long destroy the trees!"

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and said, "I would try to tame the Red Dragon that ridden by General Long!"

Yi Tianyun has set his sight on the Red Dragon for a while, if he could get his hands on the Red Dragon, what will General Longs face look like?

Yi Tianyun was sure that General Long would go crazy over losing his Red Dragon!

Ye Qingxuan was surprised to hear that Yi Tianyun wanted to tame the Red Dragon! She quickly reminded Yi Tianyun, "The Red Dragons cultivation isnt low, it wont easy to tame it."

Yi Tianyun smirked and said, "Its okay. I will try first as we will never know without trying, you should stay put for a while!"

Yi Tianyun immediately rushed towards the Red Dragon without waiting for Ye Qingxuans answer and quickly activated his Dragon God Bloodline and Xuan Tian Divine Art!

The Red Dragon still didnt feel Yi Tianyuns presence, and Yi Tianyun quickly slammed his fist to the dragons body!

Yi Tianyun noticed that the Red Dragon become confused as it didnt know what just happened!

"Roar!" In its confusion, Yi Tianyun quickly enveloped the Red Dragon in white lights.

"Tame!" But unfortunately, the white lights that surrounded the Red Dragon quickly dispersed, signing that Yi Tianyun failed!

"Damn, failed? Is Middle Level Beast Taming not enough?" Yi Tianyun frowned. He felt that the Red Dragons cultivation and loyalty towards General Long had many things to do with his failure!

"This is interesting. I dont believe that I cant tame you!" Yi Tianyun blinked and was ready to try again.

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