Crazy Leveling System Chapter 336

Chapter 336

Chapter 336

"You dare to defy the Netherworld Empire like this! Die! You foolish brat!" General Long shouted as he burned his Blood Qi, his power was greatly increased while his body was immediately covered with the dragon scale.

General Long wasnt from the Dragon Clan, but his blood qi had absorbed so much dragon aura. That was why once he burned his blood qi, his body took the traits of the Dragon Clan!

General Long in addition, instantly recovered from the injuries that Yi Tianyun has dealt before. The recovery speed was so fast that his bleeding arms were instantly healed. His combat power also increased to such a tremendous level, while looking at Yi Tianyun with strong killing intent.

But Yi Tianyun was still surprised to see that his Combat Power was still higher than General Longs!

With the Crazy Mode activated, he easily reached 40 Million Combat Power, but General Long had around 34 Million Combat Power only after he burned his own Blood Qi! He was surprised that the equipment from the Sin Shop could do something like this!

"You are good. No enemy was able to force me to release my full power like this in a long time! But now its over, I will make sure to remember you later!" General Long said as he prepared himself to attack Yi Tianyun. He knew that he must end the fight quickly, he couldnt burn his Blood Qi for too long, as it would cause tremendous damage to himself.

"Thanks for remembering me, but you know that dead people couldnt think, right? Well, I will forget you not long after this." Yi Tianyun said sarcastically.

"Pretentious asshole! Die!" General Long screamed as he rushed to attack Yi Tianyun with all his might. His combat power was once again rising to 40 Million, the same as Yi Tianyun with his Crazy Mode activated!

Now Yi Tianyun knew that Void Spirit Stage was powerful because of their explosive combat power!

Ye Qingxuan screamed on the side as she thought that the current power of General Long was too powerful! She thought that there was no way Yi Tianyun could evade the attack on time!Visit website our

Yi Tianyun looked at General Long and smirked, he saw that General Longs appearance was already close to that of a dragon, but he still didnt look exactly like a dragon.

"You imposter! Lets see how you fare against a real dragon!" Yi Tianyun said with a smirk while he activated the Evil Dragon Suits Special Effect!

Yi Tianyuns body immediately flashed black as his body began to transform into a dragon!

Yi Tianyun roared, shaking the entire forest with his powerful roar. He immediately slammed General Long with his strong tail, flinging General Long once again toward the giant tree.

General Long was quick enough to defend himself from Yi Tianyuns attack, but he still received heavy damage from the attack!

"Is Tianyun from the Dragon Clan?" Ye Qingxuan wondered as she saw that Yi Tianyun has transformed into a 100-meter-tall dragon.

The people from the Spirit Race Sanctuary also saw that giant behemoth as it stood tall in the forest!

They were shocked to see something so majestic was in their forest right now!

That was the first time that they had seen such a creature that close!

"Impossible! There is no way that you are from the Dragon Clan!" General Long shouted while gritting his teeth.

"Does it matter whether I am from the Dragon Clan or not?" Yi Tianyuns voice was clearly heard from the Evil Dragon.

Yi Tianyuns combat power didnt really change that much from before, but his range of attack increased tremendously, and now he even had the claw of the dragon that was more powerful than swords!

Yi Tianyun immediately tried to attack General Long with his claw, he aimed General Longs head so that he could finish the fight in an instant!

General Long realized he didnt have the time to dodge Yi Tianyuns attack, so he tried to block it instead!

Unfortunately for General Long, Yi Tianyuns power was too strong, and his attack dealt huge damage, covering a huge area as well! He couldnt block the attack effectively!

General Long was slammed to the ground hard, and he immediately spat out a lot of blood from the impact!

Even though the armor that he used was one of the strongest defensive armor that the Netherworld Empire had, it did nothing to stop Yi Tianyuns attack!

General Long desperately tried to survive the attack as he looked at the dragon in front of him.

"Is this the real power of a dragon?" General Long said while heaving in blood.

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