Crazy Leveling System Chapter 348

Chapter 348

Chapter 348

Yi Tianyun realized that the new enemy would be too much for the Spirit Race as of that moment, so he must face this Army General Feng by himself!

Yi Tianyun also knew that the Netherworld Emperor wouldnt come down to fight the Spirit Race himself, as an emperor of 4th grade faction, fighting against a 3rd grade faction personally is humiliating!

Unless someone like the Imperial Proctor died by the Spirit Race, the Netherworld Emperor wouldnt come to fight!

But this Army General Feng could be said the 3rd most powerful individual on the Netherworld Empire!

That fact alone was a proof to Yi Tianyun that the Netherworld Emperor was already backed into a corner!

Yi Tianyun immediately dispatched an elder to scout the forest entrance as he had prepared to make first. The elder immediately nodded and headed over to the Forest Entrance, there was no hesitation on his step as he followed Yi Tianyuns command!

Meanwhile, after giving appropriate order to the rest of the Spirit Race, Yi Tianyun immediately refined the Soul Accumulating Grass to level himself up!

With so many Exp reward after becoming Spirit King, he only needed a little more Exp to level up! He immediately activated his Pill Refining Crazy Mode and refined the Soul Accumulating Pill to 4th Refinement Rank! He didnt dare to refine the pill to 5th Refinement Rank as it was too risky for the moment!

At the same time, Army General Feng almost reached the forest entrance! His Divine Soldiers of Wind marched through the terrain with incredible speed, the average cultivation base of the soldiers was high! With the lowest being a 3rd Level Spirit Core Stage. These soldiers were so much different than the Dragon Soldier, as this army was quick enough, meanwhile the Dragon Soldier was slow!

The Soldier soon stopped at the edge of the forest, waiting for their Generals command!

Elder Yan, who was observing from inside the forest, was a little bit curious and confused as he saw the Soldiers of the Wind stood motionless in the forests edge.

"Why are they standing still like that?" Elder Yan asked confusedly.

"I dont know either, but no matter what they do, we will kill them as soon as they stepped into the forest!" Another Elder said confidently.

"You are right! With the Old Ancestor taking the helm of the Trace Confusion Great Array, there is no way they can get in!" Elder Yan said confidently.

As the rest of the Spirit Races scout began to think of contributing for the Spirit Races glory, the Soldier of Wind immediately marched inside the forest with their long sword ready.

They immediately picked up their pace and began to cut the trees neatly, even though the Great Tree was supposedly hard to cut, those Soldiers of Wind seemed to be doing it easily!

That was all because of their outstanding speed, they hit the great trees several times in a second, nullifying the trees resistance!

The scene in front of them made the complexion on the elders face sank!

None of them expected this situation at all, even though the Soldier of Wind will reach the Spirit Sanctuary a little bit slower, it was clearly effective as they wouldnt fall victim to the power of the Trace Confusion Great Array!

At the back of the enemys army, Army General Feng has directed his soldiers which trees to cut, and to which direction they should march. He held a compass in his hand to determine the path that he would like to make while shouting coldly toward the Soldiers.

Elder Yan became paler than before, as he finally realized that the Army General had an effective way to traverse the forest!

Because of the Trace Confusion Great Array, a compass wouldnt work inside the forest, but what is different when it came to outside of the forest!

The Trace Confusion Great Array didnt have any effect outside of the forest!

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