Crazy Leveling System Chapter 353

Chapter 353

Chapter 353

The Soldiers of the Wind tried to attack the Evil Dragon to save themselves, but it was all for naught as Yi Tianyuns Defensive power was already heaven-defying! Even General Fengs attack didnt really do that much to him!

"Is the Spirit King actually from the Dragon Clan? This amount of power is unbelievable!" Elder Yan said while looking at the Evil Dragon in awe.

"General Feng is crazy powerful too, but the Spirit Kings power is just too much! General Feng couldnt even do anything!" Another Elder said with a shock still fresh on his face.

Ye Qingxuan, on the side, was silent as she was charmed by the amazing power of the Evil Dragon!

"We must take advantage of the chaos that the Spirit King caused! We need to get rid of the remaining Soldiers of the Wind to help him focus on his fight against General Feng! We cant stay here doing nothing while our Spirit King works himself out like that!" Elder Yan said while trying to rally his compatriot.

"Yes, we need to kill those bastards! We need to show them that the Spirit Race arent the people that they could mess around with!" Ye Qingxuan said, agreeing to Elder Yans word.

The rest of the Elder immediately nodded their head and rushed out toward the remaining Soldiers of the Wind, the result was a total annihilation! There was no Soldier of the Wind left to fight the battle after the Spirit Races Elder and Saintess joined the fray!

General Feng who sensed his soldier was on the verge of annihilation, shouted at Yi Tianyun in a fury, he immediately burned his blood qi so that he could cut the Dragon Scale with his most powerful attack! His body immediately shone in a pale green light and rushed toward the Evil Dragon.

He attacked with all his might, but unfortunately for him, he still couldnt deal any serious damage toward the Evil Dragons body! So, he immediately turned his attention toward the Saintess of the Spirit Race. Even if he couldnt kill the Evil Dragon, he still could kill the Saintess of the Spirit Race to quench his thirst for revenge toward the Spirit Race!

"You lowlife! How dare you target a woman after you failed to attack me!" Yi Tianyun shouted as he saw General Feng rushed toward Ye Qingxuan. He immediately slammed his claw toward General Feng to stop him from rushing toward Ye Qingxuan.

But General Feng, with his Blood Qi burned, had around 53 million combat power, he quickly blocked the claw attack from the Evil Dragon, and both were instantly flung backward from the impact of the attack!

The result was still the same, Yi Tianyun lost the power contest!

But because of his crazy defensive power, the claw that collided with General Fengs attack only suffered a rough scratch!

Yi Tianyun immediately stood up and killed several Soldiers of the Wind near him. General Feng saw that and shouted in a fury, "Good, now you have done it! I will make sure you will die a painful death!"

He knew that he couldnt stop Yi Tianyun from killing his army, as he knew that there was no easy way to kill that dragon!

However, Yi Tianyun immediately ordered the Spirit Race Elder and the Saintess to retreat, while he himself also disappeared into the fog.

General Feng was stunned to see Yi Tianyuns action, right before he was about to release all power that he has, his enemy retreated! Not only that, but the said enemy has already killed almost all his army!

"Come back, you coward! Fight me, you coward!" General Feng shouted frustratedly.

With only two or three soldiers left on his army, he knew that he couldnt advance toward the Spirit Race Sanctuary effectively. Even if he chose to keep attacking, it will no doubt took a couple of months to reach the Spirit Sanctuary, and that was only if the Spirit Race didnt get in his way!

"Idiot, why would I have to fight with you? You cant beat me, and you dared to call me a coward? If you really want to fight me, come to the Spirit Sanctuary, you idiot!" Yi Tianyun said as he appeared on the fog in front of General Feng and disappeared immediately.

Yi Tianyuns face was a little bit pale from releasing too much Spiritual Energy in the form of the Black Light earlier. He had to consume a recovery pill and rest for a while to recover his stamina back!

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