Crazy Leveling System Chapter 357

Chapter 357

Chapter 357

After several consecutive attacks, the special effect of the Red Dragon Set was activated!

A Red Dragons Phantom immediately appeared and attacked General Feng, Yi Tianyun used that opportunity to slip in and attack too.

But the duration of the Shadow Cloak was finally over, and the cloak no longer granted Yi Tianyun invulnerability!

Knowing that fact, Yi Tianyun gritted his teeth and relentlessly attacked General Feng! He believed that he would be able to defeat General Feng eventually, as he knew that he had the upper hands on stamina.

As he predicted, Yi Tianyun saw that General Feng was getting weaker.

But even so, Yi Tianyuns armor was still shredded by General Fengs Heavenly Wind Divine Sword easily.

Yi Tianyun still received so many injuries from General Fengs attack!

Yi Tianyun still disregarded his own injuries and pressed on, attacking General Feng, he wont stop until General Feng collapsed in front of him!

The Red Dragon Spear in his hand kept dancing on the battlefield, dealing damages to General Feng as well.

Finally, General Feng was repelled, and Yi Tianyun immediately slammed the Red Dragon Spear powerfully to General Fengs arm, disarming the old man!

General Feng looked at Yi Tianyun in horror as he never expected to lose in one on one duel, not to a younger generation!

At the same moment, Yi Tianyun immediately activated the Tyrant Soul and immediately stabbed General Fengs chest, flinging the old man backward and slamming him toward the giant trees behind him.

Several giant trees were uprooted as they couldnt stand General Fengs body that was flung towards them with great speed.

At the end, General Fengs body was embedded to the side of the giant tree, spitting out blood.

General Feng tried to move, but he knew that most of the bones in his body were broken, he couldnt regenerate as he has already burned almost all his blood qi, and he no longer had the energy to gather the Spiritual Energy from the surrounding.

"Impossible! How can I lose to a mere kid? I am the undefeated General Feng of Netherworld Empire for god sake!" General Feng shouted furiously as he tried to stand once again.

Yi Tianyun looked at General Feng with pity, he knew that General Feng would be dead soon as the old man wasnt able to withstand his last attack.

"Sure, you are undefeated until you are defeated!" Yi Tianyun said calmly. He sat down in front of General Feng to catch his breath and regenerate the injuries that he received from General Feng.

Thanks to his Xuan Tian Divine Art and Golden Body Secret Art, none of General Fengs attack was fatal, and with his Dragon God Bloodline, he could heal all those wounds with his regeneration!

When he killed General Long, he also got another Dragon God Bloodline. He already fused it with his own Dragon God Bloodline, leveling it up to 4th Grade, enhancing his physique further.

That was also the reason that Yi Tianyun chose to persevere in the last fight against General Feng, as he knew that he should be able to withstand the attack.

"You win this time, but the Netherworld Empire will crush you after this!" General Feng said coldly.

Yi Tianyun sighed and immediately drove his Red Dragon Spear to General Fengs chest, killing the old man instantly.

"Dont worry. I will send the rest of the Netherworld Empire to hell soon enough! You will not be lonely down there!" Yi Tianyun said calmly.


Successfully killed General Feng!

Reward: 7.200.000 Exp, 200.000 CPs, 1.000 SPs, Divine Wind Secret Art, Wind Sprint, Wind Flash, Heavenly Wind Divine Sword, Hurricane Armour, Hurricane Boots, Wind Stones.


Successfully killed an elite enemy unit!

Reward: 30.000.000 Exp, 1.000.000 Cps, 5.000 Sps, 1x Enhanced Lottery Roulette Ticket.

After receiving a notification of abundant rewards as he killed General Feng, Yi Tianyuns eyes were fixated on the Enhanced Lottery Roulette chance that he got. He will use it after he left that place as he wanted to see what useful item hell get next!

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